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By joining you get access to our Forum where we not only discuss topics on radionics and healing, we also post regular new rate and card. There is a Blog section with health tips or a homeopathic topic. We have a large download section with thousands of cards that was produce over a number of years. We also started a library were we will host books on a large range of topics. We also host weekly Zoom session where we present a new remedy and discuss anything Radionically.

Our new CalcuRate App make life so much easier not only to lookup a rate but also create a complex remedy on the go!!

“We go as we Grow”

Please Note: With all the countless hours and energy spend on research to create new rates and cards we ask for a monthly donation of $8 as an energy exchange, which mean you get a card and new rate for only a few cents. This would help us maintain and improve as we grow our site.
Now I know for some $8 maybe a lot of money, so I ask that if you feel you really have to join and cannot afford it, send me a motivation via email, the “I am a healer” would not cut it we are all healers and I am sure nobody works for free.
If you have suggestions please feel free to let me know.
Note: You don’t need a PayPal account you can pay with a credit card also, via PayPal.

Monthly Membership:

Monthly Membership is a $8 energy exchange. 

Six Monthly Membership:

Monthly Membership is a $40 energy exchange. – Save $8

Yearly Membership:

Yearly Membership is a $80 energy exchange. – Save $16

South African Members

South African Members can contact me (email) for an SA rate.