Jaco Malan

Swami Narayani:


Mataji in Sohum garden

In 1981, Norma was officially initiated with her fellow spiritual trainee, Ghiradhlal, by Swami Omkar of the Shanti Ashram.Norma had now become Swami Narayani and Ghiradhlal became Swami Ananda. Swami Narayani was often called “Mataji” meaning mother. In 1989 Swami Narayani received an Albert Schweitzer Award for Humanitarian Work in Healing for her selfless work and service. After 1989, Swami Narayani returned to South Africa. On Thursday 6 April 1995, Swami Narayani passed away, but her work continues even after her passing. Swami Narayani’s method of Homeopathy and her “Narayani Remedies” are administered to this day in many areas of India, South Africa, Mauritius, Italy, France and Canada.
The Narayani formulas have now expanded to 215 mixtures, and thanks to feedback from practitioners throughout the world, these remedies have and are still showing great success. There are many centres in India and South Africa where there is only the use of these formulas, and the results are excellent. This does not discount the use of single classical remedies, on the contrary there is now a better understanding of single remedies.Norma had also developed her own method of teaching Homeopathy and alternate health which is quite different to that taught in schools of classical Homeopathy. This method was developed through necessity, because she would go to remote areas and train the locals to take care of their own people. Her method of health care was very cost effective and could reach more people. Together with Swami Ananda, Swami Narayani wrote the Handbook of Healing, which is at presently being used as part of a curriculum in Homeopathy at a few teaching institutions in India.

I was very fortunate to join up and study under Mataji. It was then, that she introduced me to Radionics. I admit we had a number of heated discussions on the actual way it was supposed to work. Out of these debates came a unique system, which today I can proudly call my own. I can not give enough thanks and gratitude to her loving way of guiding me, and always being prepared to listen and advise me.