Jaco Malan

Bites and Stings

My Blog Members Homeopathic Range – Bites and Stings Bites and Stings: Most insect bites should cause few problems if you are generally healthy. Always clean the wound and use tweezers to extract the sting. Rub Calendula cream into the wound or apply diluted tincture (one part in ten) on a cotton pad (Hypercal cream […]


My Blog Members Homeopathic Range – Asthma Asthma:Asthma is usually caused by an unknown allergy and can be aggravated by infections such as colds and influenza, as well as by anxiety. The lung airways contract, exacerbated by a build up of mucus in the tubes. Chest tightness is accompanied by breathlessness and wheezing. Its acute […]

Anxiety and Anticipation

My Blog Members Homeopathic Range – Anxiety and Anticipation We will do a set of 38 sets of Homeopathy for Common Ailments, I will post one per week. Not sure if you guys would like this?Anxiety and AnticipationYou will need the help of a homeopathic practitioner to treat chronic fears and anxieties, but there are […]