Jaco Malan

Potency and Energy:

Potency and Energy: One of the most common questions we get is what potency and energy should we use? The quick answer to this is ask your pendulum, there is no one fit all size when it come to potency or energy. It also creates additional problems when we would have a convenient list of […]

Adrenal Fatigue

Adrenal Fatigue:

Adrenal Fatigue: What Does Adrenal Fatigue Feel Like?The best indicators for what adrenal fatigue feels like are that you will have a low tolerance for stress; have a short fuse and get easily irritated. Another good indicator is fatigue; feeling run down. We’ve listed below other ways on how adrenal fatigue will make you feel. […]


Sleep can Prevent Chronic Illnesses:

Sleep can Prevent Chronic Illnesses We’ve all suffered through days of headache, fatigue and irritability after a bad night’s sleep for whatever reason. Sure, you can make up for it with a power nap or by sleeping it off the following night. But when insufficient sleep becomes the norm and you’re not getting anywhere from […]



Fatigue: As a rule, occasional fatigue that goes away after rest and relaxation is a normal part of everyday life. When fatigue is the result of overwork, lack of sleep, or significant stress, it is a normal experience. 4 Health Conditions That Cause Fatigue When fatigue does not go away with rest, or persists for […]

A Heads Up About Hydration

A Heads Up About Hydration A day in the “office” temperature yesterday in my workshop. Here is what is happening in the bodies of millions of people every day: Water makes up approximately 70% of the human body. Most of the water is found within the cells. The rest is found in the space between […]



Self-Sabotage – And our quest to healing: As healers we often face the dilemma that not each healing end positive, thus my question why? Why do some people see results with one single treatment and others need a few treatments and then a fair percentage just don’t budge, you through them with everything but the […]