Jaco Malan

Vibrionics Braven Unit:

Please Note: We had to make some changes to our design and had to start fresh, as you can see our instruments look quite a bit different. This process also had an impact in our building operations where we had to make a number of changes, like our all new potency selector which allow you to make almost any potency under the sun. This instrument also have two card slots which make it even more flexible.

After a even more hectic year, and some real difficult moments, we managed to rebuild our instrument again. Our most complete and effective new flagship Vibrionics instrument is ideal for use by doctors, agronomists, medical therapists, homeopaths, acupuncturists, physiotherapists, pharmacists, farmers, veterinarians, as well as by the patients themselves. Suitable for humans, animals and plants.It offers all the possibilities that can be deployed in Radionics in a single tool and simplifies the daily work of the practitioner.

Base 44 :
Our “new” Braven Unit can do only do Base 44 rates.
It has the following features;
An INPUT and OUTPUT plate for copying any substance.
The making up of energy remedies using the rates or a combination of rates and remedies.
A set of dials that allow you to make almost any remedy under the sun (and above).
A card slot for our cards.
A rate book with over 13,600 rates.

A timer structure.
1 Minute for remedy copying and for distant treatment.
6 Minutes for making creams.
Pulse mode for longer treatments e.g. overnight.
Input and output sockets enable you to connect additional equipment to your unit, such as the energy screens, or a larger treatment plate.
A complete operating manual.
We also offer additional extras:
A4 IN/OUT plate.
Conductive Handholds for local energy balance.
Often when people ask me….. what can your instrument do? I reply with, everything except make coffee.
Some of my ideas may be a bit radical, but we have tested them, and have been working with all of them.
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Let us start with making a copy or making a remedy;
There are several ways you can make a remedy:
1. Remedy copy, also called direct copy.
2. From dials using your rate book.
3. Using both
Remedy Copy:
• Place a sample on the INPUT plate. You only need a few drops unless you have a sample that you only plan on using to make a remedy.
• Place a container with alcohol or water on the OUTPUT plate. (note: always use glass to glass, plastic to plastic)
• Put dial switch in an OFF position; select a potency and energy setting.
• Press the mode button and select one minute.
• Press START button, a buzzer will sound at the end of the one minute.

Making a remedy using only the dials:
• Start by selecting the remedy (Rate) from your book.
• Make sure there is nothing on the INPUT plate and that your dial switch is selected (ON).
• Select a potency and energy level for the remedy.
• Press the mode button and select one minute.
• Press START button, a buzzer will sound at the end of the one minute.
Note: the one minute is used for any liquid, and six minutes for creams.
• Start by selecting the remedy (Rate) from your book.
• Make sure there is nothing on the INPUT plate and that your dial switch is selected (ON).
• Select a potency and energy level for the remedy.
• Press the mode button and select one minute.
• Press START button, a buzzer will sound at the end of the one minute.

Using Both:
You can also use both the dials and a remedy (or a few) on the INPUT plate, to make a new remedy.
• Place the remedy(s) on the INPUT plate and select your rate and set your dials accordingly.
• Select a potency and energy setting for the remedy.
• Press the mode button and select one minute.
• Press START button, a buzzer will sound at the end of the one minute.
You now have a new complex remedy.
You can also use a few drops of your new remedy to make more as needed.
You can also make an energy remedy from anything;
Pills (To copy a pill or capsule we prefer to dissolve it in a bit of alcohol).
You can also use an ear swab to take a pus sample from a wound, place your swab in a container with a bit of alcohol. Put this sample on the INPUT plate. You can make a remedy just from the sample alone or you can use the dials as a combination. Set dials for infection or on war setting. Copy the remedy into alcohol or water.
You have two options: take it as a standard remedy orally or add a few drops onto the wound or do both.
We often use it in urine therapy – see article on the download page.

Broadcast or distant healing is a term often mentioned in radionics. But what does it actually mean?
A broadcast can be seen as a correcting of an imbalance in a person, animal or plant without being physically present.
A broadcast is similar to making a copy or remedy. The only difference is that you place a witness on the OUT-PUT plate rather than a container for the remedy you wanted to make.
You also have a choice between a standard one-minute balance or a pulse mode.

One minute:
A standard energy balance will only be one minute; you don’t need to go longer.
The balancing effect will last for 3.75 days, which means you only need to repeat your treatment every third day.
A balancing broadcast will peak at maximum and start to dissipate over the next three days to a level above the starting point.
Pulse mode:
Pulse mode is used to break up the balancing broadcast over a longer period.
It is often used in more severe cases, where you want to balance over a longer period, for example overnight.
A child with diarrhea would be a good example; you want to correct the cause of diarrhea, but also safeguard against dewatering due to diarrhea.

Auto Scan:
We use this very often and achieve great results from it.
Many years back, the need to correct health challenges would arise and we would have no idea where to start.
Analysis was yielding no path to follow. This led to the development of Auto-Scan.
How do you “fix” something that you cannot pin down?
TA-DA…. Auto Scan to the rescue…….
I do not plan to write a hundred-page essay on quantum entanglement, but the concept works very well within this framework. The idea is sort of an outside-the-box one. If you take two identical witnesses and place one on the INPUT plate and the other one on the OUTPUT plate, you effectively create a loop.
You can either place a remedy on the INPUT plate on top of the witness or use the dials. We prefer to use the dials, but both work great (we use the rate for find and rectify all defects).
So here is how it works with a rate or remedy to correct something, or should I say anything.
With the witness on the OUTPUT plate “connect” with the person, animal or plant and start correcting any deviations within the body, thus far a normal “broadcast” right?
The next stage is where the “magic” starts. The person, animal or plant is also connecting with the witness on the INPUT plate (quantum entanglement). So not only does the instrument scan for any deviations from the person on the INPUT plate, it takes that information and inverts it 180 degrees, then sends it back to the person on the OUTPUT plate. This creates a secondary loop where you can correct and scan for as long as you maintain the loop.
Just a side note, the witness on the INPUT plate will keep getting updates from the person of any changes that take place. It will keep adjusting the information as it goes through the instrument.
This loop can be maintained for as long as needed.
A4 IN/OUT Put plate:
This is something with multiple uses.
As a Large INPUT plate
As a Large OUTPUT plate
My favoured a healing or balancing tool.
When you use it as an INPUT or OUTPUT plate:
If you connect it to the IN socket (red) it can be used to copy anything that is too large for your standard INPUT plate. Another use for it is to copy a large picture or a poem, yes you can copy the energy from any of these.
If you connect it to the OUT socket (black), you can send energy to anything too large for the standard OUTPUT plate. Like a large container of water or a bowl of fruit to remove chemical residue. We use one often to balance a large number of people, during the winter months we would use it as a flu prevention by packing the witnesses of all our friends and family on it to improve their immune system.
My personal favoured:
You can use it as a hands-on healing tool.
Place a large picture of the spine on it and then do a normal spine manipulation.
To do a spine manipulation place the witness on the INPUT plate (this is the only time that we do so). Select a rate like TC spinal integrity then go ahead do your spine manipulation. We find it best to “scan” down the spine until you get a “stick” and start pressing or rubbing that area.
You can do the same to clear sinuses or work on sore muscles. We have a large selection of pictures that we had accumulated over the years.
This concept work also very well with animals.
I had also used it with other healing modalities with great success.
Foot or hand reflexology
The uses is endless……………

We so often hear these words it’s not funny anymore.
To all the naysayers and disbelievers out there, my answer is simple just because you do not understand something don’t condemn it.
And no everything does not revolve around scientific proof if our scientists would spend less time on try to prove there is life on Mars and more time understanding how we as humans really work and here I do not talk medically but energetically the world would be a far better place.
So the question is there proof?
The short answer is yes! (It all depends on how you look at it).
So let us start with the famous placebo effect one. We so often hear this….. Oh, it is not your instrument that fixes the problem it is a placebo effect. My normal reply would be great thanks to the placebo I will tell him when I see him again.
But then how will I explain it to the animal that got healed and don’t know it was a placebo that fix him?
Well we have proof, it may not be 100% scientific, but the “rule” seeing is believing would work here.
If you take two identical photos of the same person place one on your instrument and the other one in front of you. Then take a prism and look at the photo in front of you through the prism. What you most likely would see is a faint fogy color all over the photo. Now while you looking at the photo press the START button on your instrument and what you will see is that the colors become much more prominent and move to the outside border of the person in the picture.
For me that is sufficient proof that something had happened that has a positive outcome.
I also want to commend on a topic often seen on other sites. Which say you have to use only certain rates because they are the only ones that will work for that specific instrument. Well, I would say get yourself a prism and test different rates and see that they all work, make no difference who had created the rates nor the instrument.
END NOTE; If you still do not believe it, I am pretty sure you are on the wrong website.

We can also add additional items to any of our units.
Large A4 size IN/OUT plate.
Anything else you may want, please feel free to discuss it with us.
These items will result in additional costs.
Please Note:
Unfortunately, we cannot export to the USA directly.
Our Prices exclude courier costs, this will be calculated and confirmed with you before any payment.
Please note: There is a Four-week build period – I build everything from scratch.
Vibronics Braven:
With an extended potency range.
Two card slots.
R 4500 (ZAR)