Jaco Malan

Self-Sabotage – And our quest to healing:


As healers we often face the dilemma that not each healing end positive, thus my question why?

Why do some people see results with one single treatment and others need a few treatments and then a fair percentage just don’t budge, you through them with everything but the kitchen sink, and yet nothing happens nada – zilch?

It is not only frustrating but you also get that sinking feeling of failure.

So, what Is Self-Sabotage?

Sabotage is the act of destroying or undermining something, often in a covert manner. Usually, it implies direct and deliberate involvement on the part of the saboteur – that’s why the word is most commonly used in relation to spying, or in business situations where an insider is causing the damage.

The term self-sabotage is used when this destructive behavior is directed at yourself. At first, you may not even notice that you’re doing it. But when negative habits consistently undermine your efforts, they can be considered a form of psychological self-harm.

It reminds me of a conversation with an old homeopathic friend, a new patient visits her for the first time carrying a box full of medication and said I made a shelf where I normally display this but bring it to show you that I had tried everything and nothing work for me, so I wonder if you could help me.

Well, she asks him to leave, when he gets upset and asks why she doesn’t want to help him she said I don’t want my remedies to end up on your shelf.

This is a good example of self-sabotage, and we could ask the question, did he really want help or look for excuses for why he undermined his own health?

You see I tried everything and nothing works (poor me).

I had adopted this as my first line of defence, when starting an analysis, the first question after getting the basic information like name and birthdate should be, do he/she want to get healed?  

It may sound a bit duff, that is why they were there for, in the first place right?

Well, yes, but self-sabotage is a much deeper problem, they are not consciously aware that they sabotage their own progress or limit their healing potential.  

So often healing come from just clearing self-sabotage, it is like telling someone the cure for the pain in their foot is to remove the pebble from their shoe.

The human body has the potential to heal itself, all it needs is the correct energetic environment, my motto is fixing the emotional/psychological crows’ nest and anything is possible.

 For those of you who know me well enough, I am not a fan of a disease base healing system, our own healing system is based on fixing the emotional/psychological connection. Symptoms as in disease base systems is the body complaining about misuse or abuse of the organ structure, it is garbage in garbage out, and that garbage not only comes through the mouth but also through the mind.

Self-sabotage is also closely related to stress and tension, we often adopt the concept of I cannot deal with this now, I have a deadline to finish, or some other excuse. Then file it under will deal with it later when I got time which never happens and this is the breeding ground for a habit, which ends up as self-sabotage.

So how do we deal with self-sabotage? We created a remedy to clear or remove self-sabotage and would give them some “homework” something like Mataji’s self-analysis.

In today’s modern lifestyle everyone looking for a quick fix, they don’t take into consideration that it took them years to get into the poor state they are now. So, the best solution (compromise) is to give them the remedies needed but still send them off with their homework.

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