Jaco Malan

The Remedy Maker is a small but powerful little instrument.
It’s ideal for the “home doctor” the concerning mother/father who would like to deal with everyday little health challenges.
It also for the health conscious person that want to help himself, to improve his/her own health and well being. It would also be a valuable addition to the Energy healer or Reiki practitioner.

A unique tool for home and professional use.
This is an ideal instrument for what we would like to call the home pharmacy.
The most perfect instrument to copy remedies or making them from a card.
The unit has an INPUT and OUTPUT plate.
Also has a card slot for remedy cards.
A timer structure.
  • 1 Minute for remedy copy and for distant balancing.
  • Pulse mode for longer balances e.g. overnight.
Input and output sockets enable you to connect additional equipment to your unit, such as the energy screens, or a larger treatment or copy plate.
Energy Screens
Bio Circuits Screens, or Eeman Screens, were discovered by Leon Ernest Eeman in the early 1920s. After serious injuries in a plane crash, Eeman was deemed 100 percent disabled. Eeman reasoned that this healing energy was the subtle energy of the life force itself. Within two years after his release from the hospital he developed techniques using these screens that “restored him to better health than he had ever known.
These screens are passive, not invasive devices that facilitate the flow of “CHI” Subtle Bodily Energy in energy meridians. With appropriate measuring devices in laboratory, measured muscle tension and skin conductance as well as monitored EEG, it can be demonstrated that these screens can produce a  relaxation response.
“Bio circuits Screens” work to balance your bodily energy, called “CHI”, “Prana” or “Life Force”, etc. Connecting the meridian terminations in human hands to the points at the base of the neck and the bottom of the spine augments bodily energy flow.
Energy Screens act like an Antenna to capture and radiate the Body Energy while the Copper Electrodes make contact with the Meridian Points in the Hands. Copper wire, an excellent conductor for this Energy, connects the Screens with the Electrodes.
Place the light blue screen under a pillow and the dark blue screen at the sacral area (base of spine). The two additional dark blue screens go under the heels, connect the left heel with right hand and the right heel with the left hand. Connect the banana plugs to the instrument and adhere to color code, red on red and black on black.  
Connect the handles to the cables that are connected to the screens and adhere to color code.
•  Reduce Stress, Fatigue
•  Quite your Mind
•  Promote Body & Mind Relaxation
•  Promote Wellness, Balance
•  Promote Strong Nerves System
•  Good Night Rest & Relaxation
•  Reduce Stress in Body and Mind
•  Alleviate Jet lag
•  Clear The Mind
•  Improve Meditation
•  Increase Wellness, Vitality
•  Harmonize Body and Mind
This is also a great way to relax for 20 minutes and renew your energy.
The action, medium and effects of these screens are similar in the operation and results of a Reiki application by a certified practitioner. Using these screens has been described as “giving yourself a Reiki treatment.”
The screens are 15cm x 15cm x 011 copper, to insure comfort and durability. The handles are 12cm stainless steel tubes.
A simple and natural way to harmonize and balance the subtle bio-energies of the body. Functions in a similar way as “Ion Pumping Chords”. Simply relaxing on these screens for 15 to 30 minutes daily or as needed is all that is necessary.
How does it Work?
Energy screens work by a simple and universal principle: By externally linking certain of the body’s energy centers, Energy screens enhance the flow and balance of the body’s natural energy. Energy Screens promote deep physical relaxation and refreshment. They can also facilitate trance states, sensitivity to life energy and many extraordinary states of consciousness, gently and safely. By harmonizing the flow of life energy in and around the body, tension and bodily stresses are relieved. As a result, in only 15-30 minutes, you feel muscular tension and knots begin to relax, respiration becomes deeper and your whole body feels calm, peaceful and balanced.
With the addition of radionics we are able to add very specific “treatments” for instance, stress, healing, rejuvenation and many more.
Copy/Remedy making:
Let us start with copy or making a remedy;
There are several ways you can make a remedy.
1. Remedy copy using the input plate.
2. From the cards.
3. Using both
Remedy Copy:
• Place a sample on the INPUT plate; you only need a few drops unless you have a sample that you plan to use only for making a remedy.
• Place a container with alcohol or water on the OUTPUT plate. (note: always use glass too glass plastic to plastic)
• Select a potency and energy setting.
• Press the mode button and select one minute.
• Press START button, a buzzer will sound at the end of the one minute.

 Making a remedy using only the cards:
• Start by selecting the card you would like to use.
• Insert card in card slot.
• Select a potency and energy level for the remedy.
• Press the mode button and select one minute.
• Press START button, a buzzer will sound at the end of the one minute.

Using Both:
You can also use both the card and a remedy (or a few) on the additional plate, to make a new remedy.
•  Place the remedy(s) on the INPUT plate and select and put the card in the card slot.
•  Select a potency and energy setting for the remedy.
•  Press the mode button and select one minute.
•  Press START button, a buzzer will sound at the end of the one minute.
You now have a new complex remedy.
You can also use a few drops of your new remedy to make more as needed.
You can also make an energy remedy from anything;
Pills (To copy a pill or capsule we prefer to dissolve it in a bit of alcohol).
You can also use an ear bud to take a pus sample from a wound, place your swab in a container with a bit of
Broadcast or distant healing, is a term often mentioned in radionics. But what does it actually mean?
A broadcast can be seen as a correcting of an imbalance in a person, animal or plant without being physically present.
A broadcast is similar to making a copy or remedy. The only difference is that you place a witness on the OUT-PUT plate rather than a container for the remedy you wanted to make.
You also have a choice between a standard one minute balance or a pulse mode.
     With Remedy only                                              With both Remedy and card

 One minute:

A standard energy balance will only be one minute; you don’t need to go longer.

The balance effect will last for 3.75 days, which means you only need to repeat your treatment every third day.
A balancing broadcast will peak at maximum and start to dissipate over the next three days to a level above the starting point.
Pulse mode:
Pulse mode is used to break up the balancing broadcast over a longer period.
It is often use in more severe cases, where you want to balance over a longer period, for example over night.
A child with diarrhea would be a good example; you want to correct the cause of the diarrhea, but also safe guard against dehydration due to the diarrhea.

Hand held handles:

The hand held handles can be use for a direct energy balance.

We like to call it auto scan;

If you connect the handles to the instrument and hold the handles in your hands, you effectively create a loop.

The left hand handle (black) receives energy from the instrument, the right hand handle (red) returns the energy back to the instrument, creating a loop.
The instrument will invert the energy receives from the right hand 180° and return it to the body through the left hand.
This inverted energy then corrects the imbalances that it had received from the right hand. This “scan” and correct process will continue as long as you hold onto the handles.
You can also use a remedy or a card (or both) to add additional information into the loop.
A 30 minute session is recommended, but it is up to you how long you would like to be in the circuit.
I love to use it at the end of a busy day to refocus or restore my energy system.


There are 810 cards in this set at the moment.

  • The complete Narayani range.
  • Bach flower remedies.
  • Tissue Salts.
  • Homeopathic;
Because of the large number of remedies (over 400) we decided to put them into a pdf file [Here]                                                                                                             
 (right click and save as)
Energy balance set (±39)
Induce Profound Relaxation
Find & Rectify All Disharmony
Find And Rectify All Defects
Stress Buster
Chakra balance
Meridian balance
Correct energy flow
You can also request any additional card(s). You may need to pay a small fee to cover our time and energy in creating a card.

We can also add additional items to any of our units.

  • Energy Screens.
  • Large A5 size IN/OUT plate.
  • Stainless Steel hand helds.
Anything else you may want, please feel free to discuss it with us.
These items will result in additional cost.
Please Note:
We unfortunately cannot ship directly to the USA.
Our Prices exclude courier cost, this will be calculated and confirmed with you before any payment.
Please note: There is a two week build period - I build everything from scratch.
The Remedy Maker(F)
Comes with a complete set of printed cards (see Cards tab)
R 2000 (ZAR) (check curency converter below)
The Remedy Maker(B)
You can opt for our budget version which is the same Remedy Maker instrument but we only supply you with cards in a PDF formate which you then can get printed or print yourself.
R 1800 (ZAR) (check curency converter below)