Jaco Malan

Gem Stones A:

  • Abalone
  • Actinolite
  • Adamite
  • Aegirine
  • Afghanite
  • Agrellite
  • Ajoite
  • Alabaster
  • Alexandrite
  • Almandine
  • Amazez azeztulite
  • Amazonite
  • Amblygonite
  • Amber
  • Amegreen
  • Amethyst Cacoxenite
  • Amethyst Green
  • Amethyst
  • Ametrine
  • Ammonite
  • Amphibole Quartz
  • Amulet Stones
  • Analcime
  • Anandalite
  • Anatase
  • Andalusite
  • Andradite garnet
  • Angel aura quartz
  • Angel Wing Calcite
  • Angelite
  • Anhydrite
  • Annabergite
  • Anthracite
  • Anyolite
  • Apache Gold
  • Apache tears
  • Apatite Blue
  • Apatite Green
  • Apatite Yellow
  • Apophyllite Green
  • Apophyllite White
  • Apple Aura Quartz
  • Aquamarine Green
  • Aquamarine
  • Aragonite Blue
  • Aragonite
  • Arfvedsonite
  • Arizona Lizard Jasper
  • Ascension Stones
  • Astaraline
  • Astrophyllite
  • Atacamite
  • Atlantisite
  • Aura Quartz
  • Auralite 23
  • Aurichalcite
  • Aventurine Blue
  • Aventurine Green
  • Aventurine Orange
  • Aventurine Red
  • Axinite
  • Azumar
  • Azurite K2
  • Azurite
  • Azurite-Malachite

Gem Stones B:

  • Babingtonite
  • Gem

Gem Stones C:

  • Gem

Gem Stones D:

  • Gem

Gem Stones E:

  • Gem

Gem Stones F:

  • Gem

Gem Stones G:

  • Gem

Gem Stones H:

  • Gem

Gem Stones I:

  • Gem

Gem Stones I:

  • Gem

Gem Stones L:

  • Gem

Gem Stones M:

  • Gem

Gem Stones N:

  • Gem

Gem Stones O:

  • Gem

Gem Stones P:

  • Gem

Abalone is said to enhance feelings of peace, compassion and love. It has a lovely warm, gentle vibration. It is great in times of tough emotional issues, soothing the nerves and encouraging a calm demeanour.
Abalone is very useful when it comes to stimulating your psychic development. It will enhance your intuition and other psychic gifts.
Abalone is an excellent companion when needing guidance in relationships as it enhances and supports communication, cooperation, commitment and compromise, which in turn lead to harmony and balance. It also helps us to understand both sides of issues by encouraging us to take a moment to stand in the other person’s “shoes”, and thus glean a more objective stand point, which is helpful for both parties.
The Abalone is a perfect gift for those who have survived traumatic experiences, to let them know that while they may have been tossed and turned themselves as the shell has been in the sea, in the end, they are only more beautiful for it.
Abalone can strengthen the body’s structure and improve the functions of the heart. It can also strengthen the muscle tissues.
It can boost the immune system and the body’s ability to assimilate proteins. It’s also known to aid digestion, as well as help in alleviating the symptoms of joint disorders and arthritis.
Abalone is associated with the ocean because it’s been a part of it for years and years.
It can also bring feelings of relaxation and well-being, as well as arouse and enhance all the senses.
It can be very beneficial to the nervous system and the spinal column. It can also assist in healing the small breaks in the skeletal structure.
It can enhance the assimilation of vitamins D and A. It can build and protect muscle tissues and safeguard against atrophy. It can also assist with proper digestion.
It’s known to help in the treatment of a wide range of skin diseases, like rashes and allergies. It can also ease fluid retention and even be beneficial for pregnancy, childbirth, and fertility issues.
Abalone will promote overall healing to the body and mind!
Base 44: 3. 6. 14. 19. 21.      Base 10: 1. 3. 5. 5. 3.

Actinolite is a good crystal for you when travelling to different countries to help you to tune into the lifestyle and customs of the locals and the energies of the place.
Actinolite strengthens the immune system, stimulates the kidney, liver and spleen function. It aids in the elimination of toxins from the body.
​Actinolite is beneficial for detoxifying and metabolism. This stone stimulates cell and tissue function and the regeneration and growth of the body.
This stone assists in processing nutrients and waste products through intestines, bowels. It will reduce rashes, ease hives and other physical reactions that are associated with allergies. Actinolite will reduce the physical effects associated with eczema, acne and rosacea. It will remove the effects that result from lead and mercury poisoning, toxins, adverse reactions to additives, parasites and fungus.
Base 44: 14. 25. 32. 39.      Base 10: 6. 4. 4. 5.

This stone will encourage teenagers to get out of bed in the morning. Protects against psychic attacks, negative forces and repels evil. Aegirine is a stone that opens and balances the Base and Solar Plexus Chakras
Aegirine is used to strengthen the immune system. Aegirine supports the cellular memory. It will enhance the healing for the metabolic and nervous system. Aegirine will aid the healing of the liver, gallbladder, spleen, muscles and bones. It overcomes muscle pain. This stone will trigger self healing and is helpful in overcoming insomnia and other sleep disturbances. It increases your general health and is a natural energiser.
It assists the body in processing and eliminating toxins on the physical and energetic levels. The energy of this mineral accelerates the electrical systems of the body, stimulating the chakras and exciting the energy field. Aegirine is an excellent stone to use in support of general physical energy and stamina, and is very helpful if you are recovering from illness or injury. It is excellent for use by nurses, doctors or others who are exposed to the toxic energies of traditional hospital environments.
Base 44: 3. 13. 23. 26.      Base 10: 4. 3. 5. 5.

This stone will encourage teenagers to get out of bed in the morning. Protects against psychic attacks, negative forces and repels evil. Aegirine is a stone that opens and balances the Base and Solar Plexus Chakras
Aegirine is used to strengthen the immune system. Aegirine supports the cellular memory. It will enhance the healing for the metabolic and nervous system. Aegirine will aid the healing of the liver, gallbladder, spleen, muscles and bones. It overcomes muscle pain. This stone will trigger self healing and is helpful in overcoming insomnia and other sleep disturbances. It increases your general health and is a natural energiser.
It assists the body in processing and eliminating toxins on the physical and energetic levels. The energy of this mineral accelerates the electrical systems of the body, stimulating the chakras and exciting the energy field. Aegirine is an excellent stone to use in support of general physical energy and stamina, and is very helpful if you are recovering from illness or injury. It is excellent for use by nurses, doctors or others who are exposed to the toxic energies of traditional hospital environments.
Base 44: 3. 13. 23. 26.      Base 10: 4. 3. 5. 5.

Boosts Psychic Ability, Aids Problem Solving…
Afghanite has a good action within the higher chakras that is beneficial to assist communication and boost psychic ability. This stone has a high vibration which is known to stimulate the brain.
Its energy helps you to think more clearly and aids problem solving. Use this lavender blue stone in meditation to aid you to learn about past lives you may have experienced.
It is quite calming and soothing, has a useful energy to help those working with a group.
It is known to have beneficial healing attributes, including helping you if you have insomnia and assisting with pain relief.
These lovely blue crystals are useful healing stones that may heal health issues associated with the throat.
Its action is also beneficial to assist those with headaches and migraines as it is of benefit to decrease pain and may even completely eliminate some types of pain.
It is said to support the health of the bones and the teeth, and is known to have an overall cleansing and balancing action in the body.
The afghanite may also help in the strengthening and development of the teeth and bones so you may build a strong structure. One of the best afghanite benefits is that, it’s greatly essential for those who are looking for a transformation of their bodies and wishing to attain more muscles and bone growth.
If you are someone who has to do a lot of thinking throughout the day, whether it’s for creative reasons or work, you can use the powers within Afghanite to help boost your mental capabilities.
You can use this rare stone to better your critical thinking so that you can always stay one step ahead of your opponents and can make decisions that will give you the most benefit.
Base 44: 3. 7. 14. 24.      Base 10: 2. 6. 7. 8.

Agrellite encourages the healing of bruises, swellings and infections. This stone boosts your immune system, particularly when your are participating in; or recovering from radiotherapy or chemotherapy. Agrellite strengthens your skeletal structure and enhances bone knitting after breaks.
Agrellite can help you locate blockages in your body and can also be used to heal others. This crystal can help a person be more open to radionics (a system of alternative medicine based on the supposition that detectable electromagnetic radiation emitted by living matter can be interpreted diagnostically and transmitted to treat illness at a distance by complex electrical instruments) therapy.
Base 44: 14. 24. 29. 33.      Base 10: 5. 4. 7. 6.

​Ajoite is a feminine crystal that will support you when you are having troubles with the reproductive organs. it will enhance the reduction and elimination of ovarian cysts. Ajoite will assist in reducing the symptoms of polycystic ovary syndrome and premature ovary failure. This crystal will help to subdue premature labour. It supports all the reproductive organs and then heals them.
Ajoite can be used to help elevate you mood when hormonal imbalances cause depression, excessive anger or other emotional extremes. It is an effective stone to use when PMS or menopausal symptoms cause difficulties. It can help anyone with issues of extreme anger or fear, by assisting you in maintaining a sense of centre through emotional extremes. It assists iron based stones such as Hematite in strengthening the blood, and so can be used as an adjunct stone in balancing issues of weak blood, such as anaemia.
Base 44: 15. 26. 32. 39.       Base 10: 6. 4. 5. 3.

Alabaster is a well-known crystal which heals its wearer against tension, headache, lack of concentration and problems related to painful joints. It is believed that these crystals can also be used to lighten up the hormonal imbalance in the body. Psychologically, it is considered that alabaster stones can prevent its wearer from an outburst of emotions and anger. This stone is also used for easing anxiety and nervousness.
Alabaster crystals have a strongly purifying effect on the vegetative nervous system. Controlling anger and diminishing temper are some of the beneficial traits of Alabaster crystals.
Base 44: 8. 13. 18. 23.      Base 10: 6. 6. 5. 6.

Alexandrite balances the nervous system and glandular system, it will soothe inflammation and tension in the neck muscles. Alexandrite will help ease the symptoms of leukaemia. It supports and strengthens the pineal and pituitary glands, spleen, pancreas, male reproductive organs and neurological tissue.
​​Alexandrite will help you to be able to assimilate proteins more easily. It has a powerful detoxifying action and stimulates the liver so that it will work at its peak performance.
​This stone helps in healing the nervous system, reproductive organs and regenerates neurological tissue.
Base 44: 12. 24. 35. 39.      Base 10: 5. 3. 5. 3.

Almandine: (Garnet)
Love, Truth.
In addition to the generic healing properties of, Almandine represents profound love. It is strongly regenerative in its healing qualities, stimulating strength and stamina. It energises between the base and crown chakras. It allows you to access and integrate truth. It provides connection with the higher intellect. Almandine initiates charity and compassion.
It is a stone of physical love and relationships, and a spiritual stone of psychic protection. It increases willpower and resistance to all things negative.
Almandine treats heart disorders, the liver and pancreas. It assists in absorption of iron in the intestines. Stimulates the eyes and strengthens proper functioning of the body cells.
Almandineis a strong regenerative healing crystal bringing strength and stamina. It helps to absorb iron in the intestines, stimulates the eyes, and treats the liver and pancreas.It stimulates circulation and metabolism, and aids in all blood related issues. It also promotes immunity to colds and flu.
Almandine helps the body connect with the Earth’s revitalizing energy. It supports recuperation after injury, as well as the health of the ovaries and testes. It may help with pain, especially in childbirth, and is an excellent crystal for fertility, sexual potency and libido.
Base 44: 6. 11. 14. 17. 25.      Base 10: 6. 5. 3. 3. 2.

Azeztulite Amazez:
Amazez azeztulite stimulates healing of the brain and nervous system. It brings spiritual aid to weak or afflicted areas of the body.
Amazez azeztulite cleanses the emotional body of all negative attachments, including dark entities. It dispels depression, anxiety and timidity and boosts self-confidence.
Amazez azeztulite opens the path to accelerated spiritual evolution through its powerful energies of purification, protection and awakening. It opens the kundalini energies to rise and enter the brain. Amazez azeztulite enhances all the psychic capacities, including clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, remote viewing, prophetic vision, psychic healing and many more. It can stimulate intuitive abilities, acting as a source of creative inspiration and instant knowing of whatever you turn your attention to.
Amazez azeztulite is an ideal therapeutic stone for crystal practitioners. It can be used to bring spiritual aid to any weak or afflicted areas of the body.
Base 44: 7. 15. 24. 30.      Base 10: 5. 7. 9. 6.

Amazonite, blocks geopathic stress, absorbs microwaves and cell phone emanations, and protects against electromagnetic pollution. It should be placed between you and the source of any pollution or taped to a cell phone.
Amazonite heals and opens both the heart and throat chakras to enhance loving communication. It also opens the third eye chakra and intuition.
​It opens the connection between the thymus and the throat which helps you express your deepest emotions; which then helps heal and resolve them. ​
​This is extremely soothing stone. It calms the brain and nervous system and aligns the physical body with the etheric, maintaining optimum health. ​
Amazonite dissipates negative energy and blockages within the nervous system.
It is beneficial in osteoporosis, tooth decay, calcium deficiency, and calcium deposits, balancing the metabolic deficiencies that create these conditions. Crystal water using Amazonite rectifies calcium problems.
Amazonite also relieves muscle spasms. Amazonite is helpful whenever too much stress leads to tension and pain. It has a good healing effect for joint complaints that arise from overtaxing, strain, rheumatism, inflammation, liver problems, etc. Amazonite has a mood balancing effect, it is also relaxing and pain relieving. It helps calm the body.
Amazonite helps you to release emotional grief that manifests physically. ​​It is helpful in cell regeneration and healing after trauma or injury. It is an excellent stone for gout and arthritis. It assists in preventing hair loss and helping to repair brittle hair and nails. Amazonite can help in balancing the adrenals especially when these glands are over taxed by excessive stress or emotional repression.
It supports calcium absorption via the parathyroid and thyroid.
​This stone is a traditional aid for alcoholism at the nutritional level.
Base 44: 13. 16. 24. 29.      Base 10: 3. 5. 4. 4.

Ancient physicians prescribed amber for headaches, heart problems and arthritis. Amber also is good for babies who are teething. ​
Amber is a powerful healer and cleanser that draws disease from the body and promotes tissue revitalisation and it imbues the body with vitality.
By absorbing pain and negative energy, Amber allows the body to rebalance and heal itself. ​It resonates with the throat, treating goitres and other throat problems.
It treats the stomach, spleen, kidneys, bladder, liver, and gallbladder, alleviates joint problems, and strengthens the mucus membranes. Use crystal water for wound healing as it is an excellent natural antibiotic.
Base 44: 6. 14. 27. 33.      Base 10: 4. 4. 9. 9.

Amblygonite activates the electrical systems of the body and covers the thymus gland. This stone protects you against computer emanations.
Amblygonite is helpful for stress attention-deficit-hyperactivity-disorder (ADHD) and hyperactivity.
It is reported to heal genetic disorders, headaches, bone disorders, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), stomach and digestion problems.​
Base 44: 5. 14. 27. 34. Base 10: 3. 4. 7. 7.

Uniting The Heart’s Vibration With Divine Energy.
This combination creates loving compassionate energy, emotional healing and stimulates psychic abilities.
Creates a connection to the higher chakras this resonates from the third eye right up to the higher transpersonal chakras.
And brings high vibration energy down from the higher realms to the heart, grounding this into the physical, then continues to take the energy down to the solar plexus chakra.
If you are looking for good ways to relieve your stress, these stones will aid the healing of emotional problems, including depression, as they connect you to a beautiful heart based loving energy.
This encourages you to feel strong compassion for those around you.
Amegreen, and begin to bring information down from spirit, you may discover that you experience a strengthening of your intuition.
If you are just beginning to develop your intuition, you may find that the process moves along more quickly.
This variety of quartz is a strong aid to assist you to develop psychic powers or gifts. It is primarily the vibration of the purple Amethyst Crystals that creates this.
Use it to do a daily crystal meditation, as during meditation it creates a deep relaxed stillness, that aids you to communicate with spirit.
This may assist with relationship issues as it will help you to voice your personal emotions in a compassionate and loving manner.

Amegreen has a unique energy, that uses the connection with the pure white light of the Divine realm to ground this into the heart and higher heart to allow you to live your life in alignment with Divine will.
This will strengthen your will-power and encourage action, as this chakra is the seat of personal power. All quartz crystals are strong amplifiers of energy.
Base 44: 5. 15. 24. 29.      Base 10: 6. 8. 6. 1.

Amethyst Cacoxenite:
Ascension, Healing and Spiritual Growth…
Amethyst Cacoxenite came to the notice of humanity as an ascension stone to use for healing and spiritual growth. These powerful stones link all of humanity.
They epitomize the vibration of kinship of all people on the earth at this time.
These lavender purple quartz crystals have various inclusions that make them powerful stones for spiritual awakening.
This variety of quartz can raise your vibration as it has a strong resonance within the higher chakras.
In particular they resonate strongly within the third eye, crown chakra and soul star chakra but their energy works to energize all of the chakras in the body and the etheric body.
This is partly due to the many minerals included in these stones which makes them powerful tools to utilize to aid your life.
They are potent stones for earth healing, and this is one of the reasons that they have come to our notice at this time.
What Makes Amethyst Cacoxenite So Special?
The process of planetary ascension is being overseen by powerful beings in the spiritual realm, and they have created these stones to aid us.
Amethyst Cacoxenite crystals have a highly spiritual vibration within them, that has the purpose of moving the energy of our planet to where it needs to be.
These high crystal energy stones have a vibration that will help metaphysical activities on a variety of levels. This energy aids spiritual and psychic workers to take their talents to the next level higher.
The energy embodied within these crystals brings many users to a point where they feel a strong internal push to make changes, and also to be of service to others, especially others who are on the same spiritual path and working to aid the planet.
Once you begin to use these stones and make a connection to an individual crystal, you may move your gifts to a new level.
If you work with one of these crystals you may find that you develop a stronger connection with spirit via their energy at the soul star and the crown chakra.
Base 44: 7. 13. 18. 24. 29.      Base 10: 4. 8. 9. 6. 6.

Amethyst Green:
Green Amethyst is also known as Prasiolite. It is a is a light green colored quartz. It carries the same energies as Amethyst, which works with the Third-Eye, Crown, and Etheric Chakras. It is a spiritual stone that has a protective and purifying nature. Amethyst is very powerful and protective, and is a first choice of many metaphysicians. Amethyst was used in ancient times to recover from both physical addictions as well as addictive relationships, and became known as the “stone of sobriety.” A natural stress reliever, Amethyst can encourage inner strength. The strong healing powers of Amethyst can transmute lower vibrations to higher frequencies, transforming negative energy to love energy.

The green in these Gemstone marry the more spiritual energies of Amethyst with the healing energies of the Green Ray. Can be worn to bring higher, spiritual energies of the upper chakras down into the Heart Chakra, to facilitate emotional and physical healing.

Green Quartz
In addition to the generic healing properties of Quartz, the Green Quartz variety, also known as Prasiolite, opens and stabilizes the heart chakra. It promotes an intuitive capability which is coupled with love. Green Quartz is a stone of transformative energies. It transmutes negative energy to positive without releasing it to the atmosphere.
Green Quartz inspires creativity, attracting success, prosperity and abundance.
Green Quartz aids the endocrine glands, helping to keep the body balanced.
It is also an effective healing gemstone that is worn even for obtaining spiritual serenity, a healthy body, higher self-esteem, and better communication skills.
Chakras – Heart Chakra
Base 44: 5. 18. 25. 36.      Base 10: 2. 5. 7. 5.

Amethyst prevents drunkenness and has a sobering effect on overindulgence, it supports sobriety. It overcomes addiction and blockages of all kinds.
Amethyst strengthens the cleansing and eliminating organs and circulatory system.
Amethyst helps you break free from addictions, including those to food, sex, prescription and non prescription drugs. Amethyst boosts production of hormones, and tunes the endocrine system and metabolism. It strengthens the immune system.
Amethyst is an excellent cleanser for the blood.​ ​
Amethyst relieves physical, emotional and psychological pain or stress and blocks geopathic stress. It eases headaches and releases tension.
This stone reduces bruising, injuries, and swellings, and treats hearing disorders.
Amethyst heals diseases of the lungs and respiratory tract, skin conditions, cellular disorders, and disease of the digestive tract.
​It is beneficial for the intestines, regulating flora, removing parasites, and encouraging re-absorption of water. Amethyst treats insomnia and brings restful sleep. Amethyst eases headaches, diseases of the brain and head.
Massages with amethyst will alleviate tension headaches. It is good for the nerves and skin, calms itching and sunburn, and lowers high blood pressure.
Base 44: 3. 16. 22. 29.      Base 10: 4. 5. 9. 8.

​Ametrine blends masculine and feminine energy – the masculine energy of citrine, and the feminine energy of amethyst.
Because of this, it is a very beneficial stone for sexuality, where a balance of masculine and feminine energies is important, remember though masculine and feminine, is not the same as male and female.
Even in same-sex relationships, an overload of one type of energy is a recipe for trouble.
If you feel like the energy of your relationship with your partner is unbalanced, place an ametrine stone next to your bed. Its energy will help keep the energy levels equalised, and prevent one form of energy from taking over completely.
This idea can also be applied to other situations – lots of human interactions and relationships rely on an effective balance of masculine and feminine energies. If you feel that any of your other relationships, personal or professional, have unbalanced energy, ametrine can help you.
​Ametrine is fast and effective in its action, and is particularly useful in long standing illnesses as it brings insight into the cause of a disease.
​Ametrine gets to the bottom of things. Its powerful cleansing properties disperse toxins from the body.
This stone is an exceptional blood cleanser and energiser, it regenerates the physical body and strengthens the immune system, aids the autonomic nervous system and physical maturation, stabilises DNA/RNA, and oxygenates the body.
Ametrine heals chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), burning sensations, depression, gastric disturbances and ulcers, fatigue and lethargy, tension headaches, and stress related disease.
​It releases blockages in the physical, emotional, and mental subtle bodies. It assists with digestive issues and helps to stimulate metabolism. For this reason, Ametrine can be a valuable aid in weight regulation and in making proper food choices.
Base 44: 4. 14. 17. 24.      Base 10: 4. 5. 8. 4.

Physically ammonite is excellent for anything that needs structure and clarity, relieving birth trauma that interferes with the energy flow.
This stone is ideal as an earth healing stone. ​
Ammonite is helpful for overall well being and longevity, depression, labour pains, cell metabolism, osteomyelitis and tinnitus. ​
Ammonite awakens Kundalini energy and cellular memory. It stabilises the pulse and overcomes degenerative disorders.
​It supports the cranium and inner ear, lungs and limbs
Base 44: 5. 14. 16. 27.      Base 10: 3. 6. 8. 8.

Amphibole Quartz:
Brings Peace & Tranquility, Aids Contact With Angels
These beautiful stones may be used to make contact with angelic beings, and to find a deep sense of inner peace and tranquility.
This crystal will aid you to connect with your higher self and obtain guidance from the Divine.
You may also obtain guidance during your sleep, as these crystals aid lucid dreaming.
These crystals have a smooth, peaceful energy that helps you to let go of negativity and aids you to sustain a more positive outlook.
Base 44: 8. 16. 27. 39.      Base 10: 8. 6. 8. 7.

Amulet Stones:
Amulet Stones aka Mt. Hay Thunder egg or Mt. Hay Agate It has been said that it contains power and energy that was stored from the volcanic action from which it was formed. It can hold the power and energy which is given to it by the user or healer. In this way the stones can be infused with healing energies and then given to an individual who can benefit from the healers stored energy. It can help in viewing auras and connecting between the physical and ethereal planes while cleaning and renewing the aura. It can be helpful in maintaining rhythmic breathing during meditation. According to Australian legend it is carried for good luck and protection from negativity. It can help bring stamina and wholeness of the body. It is said to be helpful in bring forth the brilliance of light from within the self.
Amulet Stones offer a specific type of vibrational protection… It’s not that they repel negative energy, but that they vibrate so positive that there is no resonance with negative people or energy. Attuned to the Earth, they can aid in regular sleep patterns, and dispel bad dreams.
Base 44: 1. 2. 7. 9. 16.      Base 10: 3. 5. 6. 4. 1.

Boosts Mental Clarity and Creativity, Creates Rapport With Others…
Aid your creative gifts and have a strong action to boost mental clarity. Their heart based energy also aids relationships.
They help to support change, and they have a number of good healing attributes. They may stimulate your ability to stand out from others by promoting a quite distinctive and unique outlook.
You may choose to use this stone to create rapport when you are working in a situation where others may not understand your innovative approach to your work, and wish to control your actions.
They have strong metaphysical properties that help to reinforce cooperation within the group by creating serenity and tranquility.
This energy also aids a couple to deal effectively with life changes that come your way. It is known to aid you to maintain closeness when apart and undergoing diverse experiences.
This stone’s vibration is also helpful in personal relationships where one person desires to have dominance over the other, in order to influence the choices of their partner.
Through their action to boost clarity in your thinking, this may help you to deal with changes that may be happening in your life. Use in your daily meditation as they create serenity and tranquility.
They are known to aid the healing of diabetes through assisting problems within the pancreas.
They are also said to be beneficial to aid water retention and may benefit those who have atrophied muscles, by strengthening the muscle structure.
Base 44: 7. 15. 26. 40.      Base 10: 3. 6. 3. 8.

The resonance of these crystals is very strong, and they have a beautiful energy that has been described as blissful and I have to agree with this description!
When you immerse yourself in this stones vibration, you will truly discover an energy that you may not have previously experienced.
Anandamide is a naturally occurring neurotransmitter known as “the bliss molecule”.
Anandalite are potent healing crystals for you to add to your collection as they have a lovely heart based energy, but they bring you so much more than the average heart chakra stones.
When you hold them in your hand close to the heart, you truly receive a blissful charge from them.
Base 44: 4. 15. 23. 26.      Base 10: 2. 5. 2. 4.

The ‘Stone of Sociality’, brings forth stability and settlement within, encouraging one to be approachable by others, as well as sociably confident.
Anatase helps stop gloating, greed for attention, and thirst for power.
“Forcing oneself on others to be at the centre of all, only brings forth being the centre of oneself”
It is a stone to bring one a sense of comfort and confidence within, so that sociable situations become a balanced and enjoyable experience, rather than feeling the need to be bigger and better than others.
Anatase in turn to such offerings, allows one to be openly approachable with no threat to other beings who wish to step forth and join sociably.
Where there are situations of oneself feeling under threat from others, Anatase brings forth strength and security incredibly fast, so that one is then able to join in and naturally seek those with similar offerings and personality.
Alongside this, Anatase encourages one to pleasantly show such offerings and personality, in turn attracting others to do the same.
This is a stone to help in the building of strong and secure relationships with others. It encourages one to commit, be fair and be supportive.
Anatase opens oneself to give other beings a chance to shine, a chance to speak out and grow positively, without the needing for one to always get there first.
A very good stone to bring an encouraging energy for fairness and a sensible manner in situations of arguments and disagreements. Helping to stop tension before it starts or bring it down in stages, as well including stabilising the atmosphere that often builds up.
A stone to stop acts and energies of negative nature, in turn encouraging and attracting that of positive nature.
Base 44: 8. 15. 15. 19. 26.      Base 10: 5. 6. 8. 4. 8.

Andalusite is used in crystal healing and folk healing for ailments such as AIDS, eye problems, deficiencies in calcium, oxygen, iodine, and water retention. ​Andalusite is a general strengthener. It is an excellent tonic for anyone who has been ill and may still have a weak vibrational field which needs protection. Andalusite works to regulate the nervous system and the energetic field.
Base 44: 6. 14. 27. 39.      Base 10: 6. 7. 9. 9.

Andradite garnet:
Andradite garnet is an excellent physical protection stone, assisting the body in resisting infection of all types. It is a powerful aid for those with a compromised immune system, or who need extra protection from external sources of disease.
Andradite garnet insists upon self-empowerment It helps those who feel they don’t have the strength, ability or knowledge to fulfil their spiritual path. It can help you overcome feelings of victimisation, attack, or other disempowered states. It is and important stone for those recovering from addictions or who need protection from suicidal thoughts.
Andrite garnet is a powerful energy purifier. It is an excellent addition to any healing room or environment that requires constant purification and infusions of Light. It is helpful for purifying thought forms as well. It is a good stone to use in a person’s room to prevent nightmares, or in any instance where persistent unpleasant thoughts are causing depression, disturbances or upset.
Andradite garnet is powerful stone of both physical and psychic protection. It is an excellent aid for situations where emergency grounding can be of help, such as after intense spiritual experiences, astral travel, shamanic journey work etc. It can assist in maintaining your commitment to the spiritual path and in continuing your spiritual practice.
Andradite garnet is dynamic and flexible. It stimulates creativity and attracts into your relationships what you most need for your development. It dissolves feelings of isolation or alienation and attracts intimate encounters with others. Andradite garnet supports qualities such as courage, stamina and strength. It realigns the magnetic fields of the body. It cleanses and expands the aura, opening psychic vision. Andradite garnet encourages the formation of blood and energises the liver. It assists in the assimilation of calcium, magnesium and iron.
Base 44: 4. 6. 9. 13. 15.      Base 10: 2. 4. 3. 6. 4.

Angel Aura quartz:
Angel aura quartz is created by an alchemical process of bonding clear quartz with platinum. It occurs as an iridescent white or clear stone sparkling with a pearly rainbow shine. Angel aura quartz enables you to improve your meditation so that you can open yourself to discover divine knowledge and enjoy deep spiritual experiences. With this stone in hand you will be able to improve your meditation so that you can open yourself to discover divine knowledge and enjoy deep spiritual experiences. Angel aura assists you in connecting to your angels and spirit guides. Angel aura quartz brings love and light into any situation, promoting kindness, compassion, peace and calming. It allows forgiveness of yourself and others an in turn works to mend broken relationships.
Angel aura quartz assists you to let go of all that is in the past that may be holding you back. Angel aura quartz aids in resolving issues and disagreements as it promotes love and romance. It teaches you to speak with kindness and compassion. Angel aura quartz offers support during all stages of pregnancy. If you suffer from morning sickness or the baby blues, carry or wear angel aura quartz to boost your mood and to remind you of the beauty and miracle of birth. Placed in a baby’s room with will help them to settle and sleep peacefully. Angel aura quartz is supportive to single mothers and can be worn everyday to give them strength and guidance. The name comes from the connection that this stone has with the angelic realm. It is a powerful stone for harmonising your vibrations to a level that allows you to make contact with the angels.
Base 44: 4. 14. 24. 34.      Base 10: 3. 8. 6. 8.

Angel Wing Calcite:
Calcite encourages calcium uptake in bones while dissolving calcification, strengthening the skeleton and joints. Calcite fortifies the immune system stimulating tissue healing and blood clotting. Calcite also helps to alleviate intestinal and skin conditions. Calcite supports the healthy functioning of the kidneys, pancreas, and spleen.
Angel Wing Calcite stimulates contact with the Angelic Realm. Angel Wing Calcite enhances meditation, spirituality and supports a deeper state of relaxation. Angel Wing Calcite connects the Solar Plexus and the higher Crown, clearing all chakras and links to the highest spiritual guidance, stimulating the higher mind and the will.
Benefits associated with this Stone:
Opens psychic ability and facilitates contact with the angelic realm
Grounds higher dimensional energies in the physical plane
Assists with underlying causes of diabetes and multiple sclerosis
Harmonizes the etheric body
Brings in spiritual Light through the higher chakras
Brings comfort in incarnation
Balances yin and yang energies
Known to be the calcite with the highest vibration
Base 44: 8. 15. 16. 22. 25.      Base 10: 4. 3. 7. 8. 6.

Boosts Communication With Angels & Guides
A peaceful energy that is calming and soothing.
It both aids you to connect with angels, and in a number of people may stimulate the birth of psychic gifts, and aid channeling and mediumship.
They will benefit you in a number of ways including to assist you to make contact with spirit guides. Like many blue stones they are also strong communication stones.
They are beneficial because their vibration is very helpful to aid contact with beings in the higher realms and in particular with members of the angelic kingdom.
It may help to relieve tension, anger and stress and it is particularly helpful at times when you may be finding it emotionally difficult to cope with the situation you may find yourself in.
This stones energy may be beneficial to assist you to contact loved ones who have passed over, and to bring through their energy to aid emotional healing.
It may also stimulate mental telepathy as well as the gift of psychic visions commonly known as clairvoyance.
It can aid you to bring information through from spirit in a number of ways, including assisting you when doing automatic writing.
This lovely blue crystal is a strong healing stone in a number of ways including:
In particular this crystal will help you if you are feeling grief from the loss of a loved one.
Within the throat chakra this stones energy may aid healing of throat inflammation and of problems in the thyroid glands.
It can be helpful to aid weight loss as it is said to act as a diuretic.
In a general way its action is balancing to the physical body, and it is lovely to hold in your hands to aid healing. Angelite has a very calming and comforting action, that will help to assist emotional healing related to grief.
It can help you to let go of any guilt you may feel related to the passing of the person.
This is often a problem especially if their death was unexpected or if there were words left unspoken. Its energy creates deep inner peace which may help to improve how you feel.
As this stones energy is soothing to the emotions, keep a piece of this stone on you, especially if you are feeling emotionally troubled or out of sorts, as using it is one of the methods to relieve stress.
Other ways that this stone may aid your healing includes:
It has an action to support healing of health problems related to the bones, and is said to help to dissolve calcification within the joints.
It is said to give you a greater range of motion in the joints, and is also known to be helpful when applied to the feet.
It may unblock meridians where required for healing.
It may also help the healing of broken bones, as well as aiding osteoporosis and arthritis.
Base 44: 8. 17. 21. 37.      Base 10: 6. 6. 10. 9.

Anhydrite treats disorders of the throat, especially those caused by a difficulty in expressing yourself. It removes retained or excess fluid and disperses swelling. It balances the thyroid and the parathyroids. This soothing stone repairs tissue and blood vessels, balancing the fluids within the physical body, and can act as a diuretic. It is useful in weight control, and relates particularly to the lungs and arms. Anhydrite can cool the pain of sunburn.
Base 44: 1. 15. 24. 30.      Base 10: 6. 7. 7. 5.

Annabergite is used to treat cancer, celluar disorders and dehydration. Annabergite can also help the body to alleviate the effects of radiotherapy treatment. It is also used to treat infections.
Annabergite works as healing stone for resolving stuck post-traumatic issues. Annabergite can assist communication with the past spiritual masters of this world and can also help you to better comprehend the mystic elements of our world.
Annabergite is used to align the subtle bodies and to strengthen the meridians. It is associated with the Heart chakra.
Base 44: 3. 9. 17. 26. 40.      Base 10: 4. 6. 1. 3. 5.

The ‘Stone of Remorse’, helping the being to have and show remorse where it is necessary, bringing with it an understanding and acceptance of the situation at hand.
Anthracite is a journey stone because it brings a sense to the being of wanting to look at where, and why remorse needs to be opened to, and shown. It is not for lowering or threat, but for helping the being on life’s journeys.
This a stone that brings with it a sense of peace and freshness from the old to the new. Anthracite is a stone to move the being out of unsteady and unsuitable stages of life, into that of benefit and true warranty.
Also a stone to help the being out of periods of depression and anxiety, as well as helping to calm nerves, protect from panic attacks and ward from sudden drops in the mood state.
Anthracite lifts veils of un-acceptance and denial for the safety of the keeper and surrounding beings. If it is to be that under this veil is a doing that needs remorse, Anthracite will help this come about attracting support or guidance that may be needed along the way.
A stone to help the being to break through bad habits and damaging patterns of life. Very good for the being who feels trapped, lonely or weak at getting out of such ways.
“I shall support you, I shall carry you, I shall comfort you. Loneliness is but a feeling not a happening, when one finds this truth within, one has found something of Divinity. One is then that bit closer to finding oneself, it is that self which is part of the all, part of everything that was, that is, and that which is to come”
Anthracite sweeps the bodies energy field of negative and heavy stagnant energies almost instantly. A stone to remove built up inner smog and also freshen and lift tense atmospheres. It is also a stone that can be used to lift heavy headaches and migraines. This can be done by placing or holding the stone or stones upon the forehead, either as a clearance, or as a treatment to ward off these times.
When the being continues to keep Anthracite close, an energy barrier is created that only stores and attracts that of positive nature and repels that of negative nature.
This is a stone that helps the being to recognize and appreciate that of beauty and marvel, no matter of its form.
A very positive and determined stone that never fails to guide and support in all that is needed.
Base 44: 5. 18. 24. 26. 34.      Base 10: 4. 4. 7. 6. 6.

Enhances The Connection Between Your Brain & Heart.
♥ Self-control ♥ Self-esteem ♥ Healing ♥ Harmony ♥ Dream recall ♥ Relaxation
It aids you to feel empathy for others and to be observant of your need to take care of your physical body. At the same time it stimulates feelings of happiness and appreciation for all that you have in your life.
There are a number of reasons why you might choose to use Anyolite including:
Its vibration within the third eye chakra combines with the heart chakra which enhances the energetic and neural connections between your brain and your heart.
This connection supplies an energy that creates an altered state of consciousness
This helps you to understand yourself and the world around you.
This is a truly spiritual stone, and a powerful aid for anyone whose spirituality is ready to reawaken.
The vibration of this lovely stone is powerful when used at either the heart chakra or at the thymus or higher heart chakra.
Centered there it encourages the mind to hear the desires of the heart
When it resonates there it may help you to understand your deepest desires enough to accomplish what is needed.
Anyolite creates an altered state of consciousness, enabling you to reach and utilise talents and abilities of the mind. It stimulates psychic abilities. Increases awareness of ones individuality. Anyolite instills joy, spontaneity, laughter and courage, bringing passion and a zest for life. It increases sexual activity, treating impotency and frigidity including helping to increase fertility.
Anyolite improves circulation and quality of the blood, and heart disorders. It aids in recovery from disorders associated with diminished physical vitality.
Improves Blood Circulation
Aids Heart Disorders
Helps Recovery of Diminished Physical Vitality
Helps Overcome Depression
Assist Adrenal Fatigue
Assist Immune Problems
Aids Physical Heart Problems
Stimulate Inactive Thyroid
Aids ChemotherapyRadiation Treatment
They are known as healing crystals that will particularly help cancer sufferers. These stones are said to aid you if you have had chemotherapy or radiation treatment
Base 44: 8. 14. 17. 22.      Base 10: 3. 8. 7. 7.

Apache Gold:
The ‘Calling Stone’, opens the being to the voice within and all around.
Apache Gold speaks volumes. It is a stone of grace and of peace, a stone that has an ever growing wisdom, that opens the gates to the callings of countless other beings.
This is stone for that shall support its keeper infinitely. Apache Gold may in time be left aside, passed on or simply handed back to Mother Earth. Yet, this stones support, wisdom and guidance never leaves the being. It continues to make its mark in many ways.
Apache Gold helps the being to live and let go. It is a stone that allows space and time for learning and for accepting, then brings encouragement and support to the being in letting go of any negativity or false hope that can cause corruption and blockages in paths of calling.
A stone that takes away emptiness and replaces this with fulfillment. Apache Gold helps to bring a sense of knowing in the seeking of the beings self calling from listening and learning from the inner voice and the voice that is all around, from a single grain of sand to a single mountain of rock.
“I am inside and all around, I am above and below. Lift a stone and you shall find me, split a piece of wood and I am there. I am the voice as I am the silence, I am the child who reaches out, I am the adult who reaches back. The waves of the seas, the leaves in the breeze, I am All as all is as One”
Apache Gold can be beneficial in opening the being to the Golden Ray of protection and the Golden Ray of enlightenment. It is a stone that can be used as an offering for the chosen wish, or to be returned back to Mother Earth in cleansing rituals and for positive blessings. Such happenings are to follow the golden rule being for the “Highest good of All”.
This makes a very good Ascension Stone for all due to its abilities to work with the being on any level of existence and energy.
Base 44: 2. 5. 9. 10. 14.      Base 10: 5. 1. 5. 8. 6.
“Bringing an open future out of a Conditioned Future”

Apache tears:
Apache tears give you general strength and stamina, help to visualise and purify the blood, stimulate hair and nail growth, and boost the immune system. Apache tears can help you with the physical ache that often comes with grief. The stress associated with sorrow can cause physical pains in your bones and muscles. Don’t be afraid or too embarrassed to cry as physical tears are psychologically beneficial. If you are having a hard time letting yourself cry, regardless of whether or not it is grief associated, this stone can help you release your pent up emotions.
Apache tears helps those who feel trapped in their bodies to find joy in physical activity. They are useful for gently pointing out the value of this life to those who may lean toward depression and depressive thought patterns. These stones can help you in finding more positive thoughts with which to create your own reality.
Apache tears support you during periods of grief and mourning. Although there is an inconsolable aspect to missing someone close who as passed, this stone will remind you that you can turn to others for support while allowing your feelings of grief to take their normal course, which can seem to take forever and be rocky at times.
Apache tears help to ground you and keep you focussed. Use this stone to keep your mind on the task at hand. It is beneficial for maintaining a positive outlook, keeping negative thoughts at bay. It is ideal for deflecting all negative energies.
Apache tears help you understand the value of the physical plane of existence and the spiritual lessons it has to teach. They are useful for psychic protection and can help you open the realm of Nature Spirits.
Apache tears support all types of grieving processes, but they are especially sympathetic when trying to cope with the grief associated with suicide. Turn to Apache tears to give you strength as you experience an array of emotions, from guilt, anger, blame, shame and confusion to relief, despair, betrayal, abandonment and acceptance. Apache tears can connect survivors with departed loved ones who chose to die as they gain the necessary spiritual understanding to cope with their decision.
Base 44: 3. 9. 17. 23. 26.      Base 10: 3. 7. 6. 5. 4.

Apatite Blue:
Apatite has inspirational properties. The interface point between consciousness and matter, it is a stone of manifestation and promotes a humanitarian attitude, inclining towards service.
​It balances the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies, and the chakras, eliminating over-activity and stimulating under-activity.
Apatite is helpful for hyperactivity and autism in children.
​Apatite heals bones and encourages the formation of new cells. It aids absorption of calcium and helps cartilage, bones, teeth, and motor skills and ameliorates arthritis, joint problems, and rickets. In children apatite will ease teething problems and growing pains. Apatite enhances growth, building up, and de-acidification. It promotes fitness, a healthy appetite, and mobilises energy reserves. Apatite encourages the formation of cartilage, bone and teeth. It helps with posture problems, rickets, osteoarthritis and joint complaints.
​Blue Apatite provides support for the immune system.
Blue Apatite lowers high blood pressure, strengthen muscle tissue and sharpen your motor skills. It can be used to soothe headaches and to stimulate eyesight. It is particularly good for eye problems that are based in a lack of eye movement, such as declining eyesight from extensive computer work It can also help those who experience vertigo or dizziness.
Base 44: 4. 16. 26. 35.      Base 10: 5. 6. 6. 5.

Apatite Green:
Apatite has inspirational properties. The interface point between consciousness and matter, it is a stone of manifestation and promotes a humanitarian attitude, inclining towards service.
​It balances the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies, and the chakras, eliminating over-activity and stimulating under-activity.
Apatite is helpful for hyperactivity and autism in children.
​Apatite heals bones and encourages the formation of new cells. It aids absorption of calcium and helps cartilage, bones, teeth, and motor skills and ameliorates arthritis, joint problems, and rickets. In children apatite will ease teething problems and growing pains. Apatite enhances growth, building up, and de-acidification. It promotes fitness, a healthy appetite, and mobilises energy reserves. Apatite encourages the formation of cartilage, bone and teeth. It helps with posture problems, rickets, osteoarthritis and joint complaints.
Green Apatite stimulates the physical heart and helps in situations of heart disease. It can be a useful stone when you are recovering from a heart attack, heart surgery or other heart disease – especially when those illnesses are based on stress. It is an all round healing stone that brings hope for recovery and a refreshing healing energy to those who have been ill.
Base 44: 8. 19. 28. 38.      Base 10: 7. 6. 6. 7.

Apatite Yellow:
Apatite has inspirational properties. The interface point between consciousness and matter, it is a stone of manifestation and promotes a humanitarian attitude, inclining towards service.
​It balances the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies, and the chakras, eliminating over-activity and stimulating under-activity.
Apatite is helpful for hyperactivity and autism in children.
​Apatite heals bones and encourages the formation of new cells. It aids absorption of calcium and helps cartilage, bones, teeth, and motor skills and ameliorates arthritis, joint problems, and rickets. In children apatite will ease teething problems and growing pains. Apatite enhances growth, building up, and de-acidification. It promotes fitness, a healthy appetite, and mobilises energy reserves. Apatite encourages the formation of cartilage, bone and teeth. It helps with posture problems, rickets, osteoarthritis and joint complaints.
Yellow apatite suppresses hunger and raises the metabolic rate, encouraging healthy eating. Yellow Apatite heals the glands, meridians and organs. Yellow apatite is a great eliminator, especially of toxins. Yellow Apatite treats chronic fatigue syndrome and poor digestion. It removes cellulite and treats the liver, pancreas, gallbladder and spleen. Yellow apatite is stimulating to the endocrine system and can help improve overall energy levels as it assists the body in detoxification. It is stimulating to the metabolism and helps the body use energy efficiently.
Base 44: 7. 15. 28. 37.      Base 10: 2. 5. 7. 9.

Apophyllite Green:
Apophyllite is regarded as one of the best stones for Reiki healing. It facilitates taking the client into a deeper state of relaxation and receptiveness and at the same time removes the healer from the situation so that the movement of healing energy is more pure. Apophyllite works on the respiratory system and when held to the chest can stop asthma attacks. It neutralises allergies and promotes regeneration of the mucus membranes and the skin. Apophyllite is useful in healing matters of the spirit and in helping the spirit come to terms with being in a physical body.
Apophyllite is a regulator crystal, helping the heart to beat strongly and regularly and encouraging the body to function like a well-tuned engine. It brings mental clarity, improved memory and concentration and increased optimism. Apophyllite heals emotional and physical burnout and disappointment. Apophyllite supports those with low energy such as chronic fatigue syndrome and leukaemia.
Apophyllite can assist you in self-healing from degenerative disease or diseases of the tissues. It can help in detoxification of the body, especially from chemical pollution. It helps the body move into resonance with the electromagnetic field of the Earth
Base 44: 4. 16. 24. 38.      Base 10: 3. 7. 4. 6.

Apophyllite White:
Infuse Your Being With Light & Aid Angelic Contact.
Apophyllite stones have a high vibration that will raise your spirits, and spiritually energize your entire being. These crystals have a unique vibration that can be used in a number of ways.
They stimulate your pineal gland and help to open you up to spiritual awakening, by infusing your light-body with high vibration energy.
This may give you relief from stress, tension and anxiety. These crystals have an excellent ability to transmit their energy, and are uplifting to simply keep in the room with you.
The lovely clear crystals including the sweet little pyramids are particularly wonderful to work with.
They are excellent healing crystals for you to use in your meditation as they are powerful aids to assist you to receive guidance from spirit, your guides and the angels.
You may find that it is especially helpful to place a pyramid on your third eye while meditating. Their energy aids you to feel calmer, more relaxed and happier within yourself.
While they have potent metaphysical attributes they also have a number of excellent healing properties. Use a group of them to grid your home, so you can feel better all the time.
The flow of spiritual light they convey to you from the higher realms, brings hope for the future, and also helps you to release negative thought patterns that may be holding you back.
Apophyllite stones are powerful to aid you to become spiritually uplifted. In particular these crystals will stimulate the area of the third eye chakra, intensifying your inner vision, and clearing any blockages in the crown chakra.
Their resonance aids you to release negative energy, aiding you to be happier, calmer and more at peace. They simultaneously infuse your auric field with high vibration light energy from the spiritual realms.
Once you have removed any stagnant energy that may be blocking your crown chakra, this allows the flow of light from spirit to move throughout your being to infuse you with spiritual light and love.
Base 44: 9. 17. 27. 37.      Base 10: 3. 7. 5. 5.

Apple Aura Quartz:
Apple Aura Quartz – Clear Quartz bonded with Nickel; displays a fresh, yellow-green color reminiscent of a Granny Smith or Golden Delicious. This healthy crystal is a protector of the spleen, the organ responsible for purifying the blood and boosting the immune system. Worn over the base of the sternum or taped over the Spleen Chakra, it fights energy drains and overcomes psychic vampirism. It assists in severing ties with previous partners or mentors who retain a mental or emotional hold despite physical separation. It is highly beneficial in multidimensional and cellular memory healing, and is an efficient receptor for programming and bringing the body into balance.
Base 44: 4. 18. 24. 26.      Base 10: 3. 7. 7. 7.

Aquamarine Green:
Boost Courage, Stimulate Clearer Communication
Aquamarine crystals are beautiful stones with an energy that heightens courage, and aids clear communication with the Divine source of all that is, and increases your ability to handle grief.
By assisting you to release anger and reduce stress, they may help you to make positive changes in your life. They may encourage you to embrace change, as well as granting you courage to go on.
These lovely stones are powerful to assist self healing, and they have strong metaphysical properties that help you to let go of old emotional issues you may be holding on to.
They are useful healing crystals for you to use to help to relieve stress as they will also aid you to reduce the tension around a specific issue.
The green aquamarine stones are great healing instruments. That means that this stone’s natural crystal energy may be used for physical, spiritual, and emotional treatments. As a matter of fact, amongst the most important uses of the stone is that it is capable of enabling the user to let go of the things that aren’t serving them emotionally anymore.
Thus, one might use the stone in getting over an emotional trauma or shock of the past. Furthermore, if you have been through a grief or heartbreak and cannot seem to look for the will in forgetting about it, the use of the green aquamarine may instill in you the comfort that life goes on.
You cannot keep on hanging onto the things that already have occurred as there is no way for you to change them. What you can change, nonetheless, is the way you deal and react with any circumstances that you’re situated in.
Additionally, the healing powers of the stone may serve as a gentle reminder that it’s the time that you close a chapter of your own life in case you wish to move to the next phase of your life. It’s also a basis of amazing encouragement for you in staying positive in facing any adversities, regardless of how challenging the situation might seem. We’ll be discussing next the green aquamarine benefits.
The green aquamarine is a great stimulating stone for self-healing. Therefore, it will put you out of the state of despair and sadness by way of calming you down and keeping you well-composed in the middle of chaos. When you’re keeping a green aquamarine with you, the peaceful vibration of it begin to extend through the body, as well as tap into the chakras, identifying the real problem areas in you.
The vibrations that this stone has bring comfort to different areas, be it an emotional scar, or a disease or a physical injury. Any kind of pain you’re suffering from, the stone may enhance your own endurance manifold.
Always bear in mind that your troubles are just as big and as serious as you think them to be. Through assisting you to improve your own outlook to yourself and the world that surrounds you, this stone’s comforting energies might make you realize that you may overcome any hurdles, which might come your way.
In any case, when you’re confident about the future and really believe that things may get better, that’s when you’ll stop in fretting on what’s happening and just focus your attention on the things that matter more.
Base 44: 5. 15. 24. 35. 41.      Base 10: 5. 4. 6. 8. 6.

Aquamarine harmonises the pituitary gland and the thyroid gland, which regulates growth and hormone balance. Aquamarine is a stone of breath, the respiratory tract, and the lungs. It can heal sinus conditions and frequent coughing, and is effective for hay fever and other chronic allergies. It improves eyesight in both short and long sighted people. Aquamarine calms any over reaction of the immune system, autoimmune diseases and allergies, in particular hayfever.
It supports the healing of inflammatory diseases of all kinds, and is soothing to eczema, hives, rosacea and psoriasis. It may also help prevent outbreaks of herpes.
Aquamarine encourages light heartedness and a happy, relaxed disposition, which is due to all that you undertake developing quickly and smoothly.
It soothes the parts of the body governed by the throat chakra including the mouth, tongue, teeth, ears, throat, lungs and thyroid.
Aquamarine clears up confusion and stimulates orderliness, by bringing any unfinished business to a conclusion.
Aquamarine encourages spiritual growth, foresight, farsightedness, mediumship and clairvoyance. It assists in keeping you upright, honest, goal-oriented, dynamic, persistent and successful
Base 44: 8. 14. 28. 39.      Base 10: 7. 7. 9. 10.

Aragonite Blue:
Boosts Empathy And Is Emotionally Calming
Blue Aragonite is a third eye, throat and heart chakra stone, with a comforting, optimistic and joyful vibration.
It enhances your ability to communicate, particularly spiritually and aids you to more easily empathize, so is an asset to healers and spiritual teachers.
It is a stone of hope, and assists you to be more compassionate in your dealings with other people, and may help to relieve stress.
If communicating with your spirit guides, its energy aids you to communicate with more accuracy. When you are communicating with spirit, it allows you to be to be calm and relaxed
It aids you to handle these experiences calmly and without stress. This is very helpful for you if you work in psychic employment, such as a tarot reader or intuitive psychic reader.
Blue aragonite helps with respiratory illnesses or weaknesses, especially those involving inflammation. It stimulates the lungs and is useful in breath work, pranayama or other deep breathing practices.
Blue aragonite reopens old wounds so that you are able to examine them objectively, heal them and then move on in your life. Urges you to speak out against injustice. Heals past trauma and abuse. Helps incest survivors to speak out and to heal. Blue aragonite improves emotional perspective and healing. It helps you to speak and think compassionately and to heal from verbal abuse. It assists you in overcoming hesitation or fear of speaking and sharing your ideas and thoughts with others.
Base 44: 7. 13. 16. 27.      Base 10: 3. 6. 8. 4.

Aragonite may be called the conservationist’s stone, as their vibration encourages conservation and caring for the earth.
They are excellent crystals to aid with healing the earth. They are said to clear blocked ley lines and aid geopathic stress, in the area where they are located.
Aragonite is a stabilising stone that centres and grounds physical energies, being useful in time of stress. It helps to prepare for meditation and stabilises spiritual development. It provides insight into the causes of problems and situations. Aragonite aids concentration and brings tolerance and flexibility to the mind. It teaches acceptance and patience, especially helpful to those who feel they have too much responsibility. Aragonite provides strength and support, helping to combat anger and emotional stress.
Aragonite is attuned to the Earth Goddess, encouraging conservation and recycling. It is a reliable earth-healer and grounding stone. Aragonite transforms geopathic stress.
Aragonite brings warmth to the extremities. It combats deficiencies in Vitamins A and D. Aragonite combats dis-ease and can stop night twitches and muscle spasms. It also helps with general aches and pains.
Aragonite is a stone that makes you feel comfortable and well within your own body. It combats disease, especially the nervous twitching and spasms that come out of inner unrest. It is a stabilising stone that grounds and centres within the body. Aragonite warms the extremities, bringing energy through the body. It treats Raynaud’s Disease (a circulatory disorder caused by insufficient blood supply to the hands and feet resulting in numbness, pain and chills. It heals bones, helps calcium absorption, and restores elasticity to discs. Aragonite stops night twitches and muscle spasms. It strengthens the immune system. It is useful for grounding you into your body. It offers resistance against colds, flu or viral infections, especially respiratory ones, and against the superbugs that lurk in modern hospitals.
Healers benefit from holding aragonite before beginning a session, to allow their energies to centre and to shut out daily concerns. It is healing for many parts of the body but especially for ovaries and the prostate gland, and for the central nervous system. It is excellent for jagged nerves, frayed tempers and unsettled stomachs, especially when caused by a lack or rest or not taking regular meal breaks.
Base 44: 5. 14. 27. 35.      Base 10: 3. 5. 4. 5.

Helps To Create Amazing Manifestations
Arfvedsonite has many powerful attributes, and it is a stone that has the potential to produce amazing manifestations. It is a strong stone for spiritual growth, creating a clear path ahead.
It helps you to re-organize and restructure your life, bringing extraordinary insights and a strong positive vibration.
If you use it in meditation, it will help you to experience psychic visions that may assist you to predict the future.
This is a crystal that aids brilliant manifestations, that will help you on your spiritual journey.
It helps you to create a clear path ahead, as it assists you to awaken to the Divine Light, and to anchor it into matter, within your reality.
If you have been feeling depressed, this stone is a powerful aid to lift your vibration, so that you are able to see hope in the coming future.
We live in such strange times, where many people live in fear of what is going to happen to this world, so the energy of Arfvedsonite is very reassuring.
Arfvedsonite will aid you to bring through more and more light into your being, and you will begin to shine more brightly, as you gain knowledge and insight into your life path.
Its vibration will aid you to locate and release any energy blockages in your body. The light within you will begin to flow, from you to others, creating a stream of light and a flow of deep joy.
It will flow first within your personal world, then out to the whole planet.
he action of this crystal helps you to deal with adapting to new situations and it will enhance your ability to develop your intuition, so it is valuable to use it while meditating.
It is specifically useful to allow you as see any negativity within yourself, and it has a positive vibration.
This helps to drain out negative thoughts, and it will aid you to begin to think in new way, as it stimulates positive thoughts and encourages you to feel more joyful.
Just a reminder of a few points that were mentioned earlier in the article.
It may assist you to let go of old behavior patterns that do not benefit you.
It may also assist you to develop clairvoyant abilities, also known as psychic visions.
Its energy may also stimulate positive thoughts and feelings and may help you to let go of negative energy.
Base 44: 5. 15. 17. 17.      Base 10: 2. 4. 6. 7.

Arizona Lizard Jasper:
Arizona Lizard Jasper is light to dark green with lizard like patterning.
This stone when placed in a bath will ease sunburn. When placed on a burn or a scald Arizona lizard jasper will reduce the effects and pain associated with the injury. This stone placed at the back of the neck will relieve headaches. It increases your circulation particularly to the extremities such as your hands and feet. It will aid the body in recovery from disease and build up immunity to most common infections.
Arizona lizard jasper gives you the courage and determination to start again or salvage what is possible from a bad situation. It teaches you that you shouldn’t give up on situations or people because of hurt feelings.
Arizona lizard jasper is a stone that enables you to achieve successful lifestyle changes, particularly if you are returning to an area where you lived in your childhood. Wear or carry this stone if you need to revitalise or expand a business enterprise. This stone will able you to tell when someone with a negative agenda offers their help. It will help you enjoy your quiet peaceful moments and know when it is time for action. Arizona lizard jasper is good for stressed workers to avoid burnout and make rapid decisions when needed but not to overstrain or fatigue themselves unduly. This stone has the ability to rebuild, rejuvenate and transform your life. It is an ideal travel companion for backpackers.
Base 44: 4. 7. 15. 26. 33.      Base 10: 3. 4. 7. 5. 5.

Ascension Stones:
Help Create Deep Powerful Meditation.
Ascension Stones have strong metaphysical properties that bring through the Divine Light.
These stones vibrate strongly within the higher more spiritual chakras, and have a powerful energy that is known to align the chakras as part of the process.
They connect you to the colored ray that you need for your healing at that time. They are powerful stones for psychic protection and they are also very grounding.
They are excellent stones for Reiki practitioners or anyone doing any spiritual or psychic development work.
During meditation with them they align your chakras, and leave you feeling a sense of deep peace.
Helps To Relieve Stress…
They provide methods to relieve stress and they help to release anxiety and leave you feeling a sense of deep peace.
By connecting you with the Divine light, they allow you to absorb whatever ray you need, to heal you at that time.
These stones are also strongly protective, so if you are doing spiritual development work they are an excellent psychic protection stone.
Ascension Stones aid your meditation to be stronger in depth and power, and during meditation with them, they will align your chakras.
They are very grounding, and they are also powerful stones for psychic protection so they are excellent stones for anyone doing any spiritual or psychic development work.
Base 44: 4. 8. 15. 19.      Base 10: 2. 5. 3. 4.

Astaraline brings high spiritual currents into the body, infusing Spiritual Light and inner harmony to all the subtle energy systems. It is an important aid to awakening the cellular consciousness. It also provides a protective energetic ‘cocoon’ that allows for the gestation of the Light Body. This is an essential stage in the process of vibrational Ascension. It resonates throughout the body, readily entering through the third eye and the heart chakra, and making itself felt throughout the body, even to the hands and feet. It fills the Liquid Crystal Body Matrix with a sense of well-being, as if one is being cradled in Light. As a stone of cellular consciousness, Astaraline can help those involved in self healing to bring harmony and functional alignment to all of the bodily organs and systems. Its nourishing, coherent emanations encourage the cells to find the new path to existing in a state of grace, leaving behind the old habits of deterioration and degeneration. Astaraline amplifies the power of the Divine blueprint for the Body of Light, not as a separate vehicle for the ascension of the individual, but as the transformation of the gross body into one of radiant spiritual Light. It is as if the stones currents form an inner cocoon of Light within which we can go through the metamorphosis into a new luminous Self. Astaraline stimulates the cells to produce more bio-photons and it helps one consciously link with one’s Higher Self. It is a fully awakened stone, having come forward to help with humanity’s transition into beings of Light.
Base 44: 4. 13. 14. 16. 19.      Base 10: 1. 3. 5. 3. 4.

Illuminate True Self… Find Your Life Purpose.
Astrophyllite is an energetically potent stone that infuses your entire system with light, and may assist you to recognize your purpose for being here as it illuminates your true self.
Said to have a tranquil, authentic and sincere energy, it is also called the ‘marriage stone’ as it promotes fidelity, truth and complete honesty between partners in a relationship.
It gives you the ability to make major changes that will move your life journey forward in a profound way, and has strong metaphysical properties for transformation.
Once you fully know yourself you may bring this self knowledge to your life. They may also help you to truly love yourself by aiding you to come to terms with any actions in your past that you may have difficulty fully accepting.
This stone is a stone of moving forward quickly on your life journey, and it may assist you to find your true path.
Its vibration may illuminate your true self, the inner you, and make you aware of those things within yourself that you need to take action on.
These are storm element stones, which means they have a strong element of transformation within them. This is a stone for psychic protection, and helps you to navigate out of body journeys with safety.
Its energy at the third eye chakra, crown chakra and soul star chakra is powerful, particularly for those individuals who are walk-ins.
It will allow any of you who are of extra-terrestrial origin to feel more at home here on the earth plane.
The electro-magnetic vibrations of the energy emitted, encompasses the energy of the highest vibration to the lowest.
This will energize each of the chakras, as specifically required by that chakra. This is in alignment with the souls purpose, so is safe for anyone to use this stone.
If you have psychic abilities, this stone will enhance your telepathic gifts, to allow for more accurate delivery of information from the higher realms.
Base 44: 6. 11. 15. 26.      Base 10: 3. 2. 6. 3.

A Crystal For The New Age, Aids Powerful Spiritual Visions.
Atacamite is well known as a strong stone for the higher chakras and in many people it is known to dynamically act to aid them to open their third eye.
You may find that even holding it in your hand you may make contact with the spiritual realm and its action is well known to aid you to develop psychic abilities.
It has an excellent healing action within the throat chakra and is also a strong heart based stone, assisting you to attract love into your life.
This is a beautiful stone that promotes confidence and self motivation from a heart based perspective, and also brings an increase in feelings of enthusiasm and independence.
This stone is helpful to develop your creativity and may boost altruistic feelings. It is also said to strengthen both the male and female reproductive organs and it has a good action within the lower chakras.
They are beneficial healing crystals for you to use especially within the sacral or navel chakra. Used there, the energy of these stones may be especially helpful as it’s vibration works to help the kidneys.
They are known to aid elimination, especially of fear based toxins.
Base 44: 6. 15. 23. 25.      Base 10: 1. 4. 7. 3.

Healing properties
In healing atlantisite is beneficial for cellular memory, stress, blood disorders, hypoglycemia and diabetes. Atlantisite is a healing crystal for the heart and the lungs. It keeps the kidneys and stomach healthy. This stone will assist in the healing of muscle spasms and menstrual pain. Atlantisite assists in your recovery from debilitating illness. This stone will enhance the healing of hernia, hypoglycemia and diabetes. It encourages you to assist in your own physical healing. It is an excellent crystal to treat chronically ill patients. The green and yellow colour energies of this gem help to heal and balance the sexual and reproductive organs. Atlantisite acts as a blood strengthener and will helps in cellular respiration along with the delivery of nutrients to the cells.

 Atlantisite is primarily a stone used for protecting your well being, preserving your beliefs, and calming your spirit. This stone will protect your spirit.
It’s a wonderful meditation stone that will help you access and retrieve ancient information and wisdom about your past lives.
It will enhance your sense of security and establish your personal boundaries.
Atlantisite will also promote a more relaxed attitude in life.
Atlantisite is a powerful tool to open your way to the spirit. It will strengthen your feelings of love and compassion for others.
It will induce a calming vibration in your life, and it will bring peace and tranquility to your environment. It’s also a helpful stone that will remove stagnant energies.
It will increase your verve and stamina, and it will maintain or raise your energy levels.
It’s a stone of prophecy that possesses a poignant healing ability.
Base 44: 5. 17. 29. 37.      Base 10: 5. 3. 6. 7.

Aqua Aura Quartz:
Aqua Aura Quartz is created by fusing atoms of pure gold onto clear quartz. Aqua aura quartz is the icon of the new era of spiritual knowledge.
With this stone in hand you will find that you are evolving spiritually inside and may find that you need more personal space and time which may not always be easy for those close to you to understand.
Aqua Aura Quartz releases negative energies from your auric field, bringing inner peace and relief from stress. Aqua aura quartz puts your mind, body and spirit back on track if you have strayed from the ideal blueprint of your potential. It reactivates a sluggish immune system and shields you from all kinds of harmful rays, pollution and negative people and situations.
Aqua aura quartz enables you to flow with life and to find your own unique path to fulfilment. It stops you merely responding to life and puts you in control of your destiny. Aqua aura quartz encourages you to take responsibility, to maximise what you can give, and changes the emphasis from measuring success by material wealth to seeking a more ecological and spiritually focused lifestyle.
​Aqua aura quartz is a powerful tool in clearing communication barriers and allowing healing to occur. It guides you to speak with optimism and authenticity. Aqua aura quartz is a powerful stimulator of the throat chakra. When your throat chakra is under-active you lack the ability to communicate clearly. You may find others cannot understand you or misinterpret what you are saying. People may find you unreliable and inconsistent. Telling the truth and even being honest with yourself may be a challenge and the unclear hesitant messages that you give out may have caused you trouble in the past. You may find that dealing with people on a day to day basis is frustrating and feel misunderstood as an individual, leading to a tendency to keep to yourself more and more over time. Wear aqua aura quartz near or throat each day to stimulate the throat chakra.
When you are not able to express yourself freely, it can start to manifest physically in your body. A sore throat, laryngitis, tonsillitis, teeth or jaw problems, earache, hearing problems, sinus infections, thyroid problems and sore neck or shoulders may all suggest that you are facing a communication barrier somewhere in your life. If you are feeling suffocated, smothered or stifled this may manifest as asthma and unresolved sadness physically in the lungs. Aqua aura quartz can assist you.
​​Once your throat chakra has balanced, aqua aura quartz can help you manifest your desires. This stone adds power to your words bringing them into action and physical manifestation. It will break down closed doors, expand opportunities and attract like minded people. If you live in a household that has severe communication issues, this stone can open the pathways again.
Aqua aura quartz also strengthens higher forms of communication. It is good for inspired writing, aiding telepathy.
Base 44: 3. 15. 23. 34.      Base 10: 4. 5. 5. 6.

Auralite 23:
Auralite 23 stimulates cellular regeneration and rejuvenation.
Auralite 23 protects the emotional body and helps release unhealthy emotional patterns.
Auralite 23 stimulates spiritual evolution and transformation. It helps unite you with the Magic Presence or Higher Self, and awakens you to the New Consciousness.
Base 44: 3. 4. 8. 9.      Base 10: 1. 3. 5. 5.

Enhances Courage & Stimulates Inner Harmony
Aurichalcite helps to encourage inner harmony and personal freedom and may assist you let go of old negative ways of looking at life, as well as helping to enhance your courage.
Their vibration aids creativity and original thinking, helps the release of internal conflict and may encourage a more balanced approach to life, while also fostering feelings of inner peace.
They are beneficial healing crystals for you to use in meditation as they have a strong resonance within the third eye chakra, the area where psychic gifts commonly emerge from.
These healing stones will create a protective shield around you, and make you feel more secure in your environment. Their energy helps to clear the auric field, and will help you to feel more stable and less fearful about life.
his mineral helps to inspire personal freedom and a stronger ability to act as you desire. It has metaphysical properties that help you to have a more positive approach to life.
Its energy may be especially helpful if you have been living a life that has made you feel constrained because you are following the dictates of others, even well meaning people.
Aurichalcite’s vibration can be valuable to encourage you to walk your own path. It may help you to release unproductive ways of approaching problems that have been your “normal”.
Its influence may help you to have a more practical way of dealing with situations, and by doing it your way you may find that life becomes more peaceful and harmonious.
These crystals energy may inspire within you to have a more peaceful approach towards others, and may help you to develop a more agreeable attitude towards those that challenge your ideas.
It may support you when you you find that the nature of what others are trying to communicate to you seems to be somewhat unclear, vague or even a little mysterious.
The vibration of this mineral helps to clear the auric field, and its energy will help you to feel more stable, and less fearful about life, even when situations distress or challenge you.
Use during social occasions, to induce peaceful interactions with others and to help you to have more tactful conversations.
While they do not have a large number of healing properties, they are beneficial to aid the healing of circulation problems and to help issues within the pineal gland and the thalmus. By helping to clear negativity from the aura, this may also improve healing.
Base 44: 1. 6. 8. 20.      Base 10: 2. 3. 6. 4.

Aventurine Blue:
Aventurine can work to ease ailments of the cardiopulmonary system and stimulate the adrenal glands. Aventurine also can act as an aphrodisiac. When placed under your bed, it can stimulate sexual desire and openness. Aventurine benefits the thymus gland, connective tissue and nervous system. It balances blood pressure. It stimulates metabolism, lowers cholesterol and prevents arteriosclerosis. Aventurine also aids you if you are recovering from a heart attack. It has an anti-inflammatory effect and can ease skin eruptions and allergies. Aventurine can ease migraine, headache and eye pain. It heals the adrenals, lungs, sinuses, heart and muscular system. Bathing with crystal water will relieve skin problems.
Blue Aventurine is useful in balancing your hormones – particularly for women. It can help lessen muscle twitches, spasms and facial tics. It supports healthy blood and blood oxygenation. Blue aventurine is useful in helping babies strengthen their respiratory and circulatory systems. It is also helpful in strengthening venous and arterial walls. Blue aventurine can assist in calming hyperactivity and enhancing mental focus and concentration.
Base 44: 5. 14. 19. 24.      Base 10: 3. 4. 5. 9.

Aventurine Green:
Aventurine can work to ease ailments of the cardiopulmonary system and stimulate the adrenal glands. Aventurine also can act as an aphrodisiac. When placed under your bed, it can stimulate sexual desire and openness. Aventurine benefits the thymus gland, connective tissue and nervous system. It balances blood pressure. It stimulates metabolism, lowers cholesterol and prevents arteriosclerosis. Aventurine also aids you if you are recovering from a heart attack. It has an anti-inflammatory effect and can ease skin eruptions and allergies. Aventurine can ease migraine, headache and eye pain. It heals the adrenals, lungs, sinuses, heart and muscular system. Bathing with crystal water will relieve skin problems.
​Green Aventurine brings the body back into control and is useful in malignant conditions. Green aventurine gives you support when suffering from all forms of heart disease and infections. Green aventurine regulates the circulatory system. It stimulates cell repair, regrowth and general healing. It can help slow developing infants and children. It stimulates the life force by increasing physical and vibrational vitality.
​Base 44: 7. 15. 27. 34.      Base 10: 2. 4. 6. 6.

Aventurine Orange:
Aventurine can work to ease ailments of the cardiopulmonary system and stimulate the adrenal glands. Aventurine also can act as an aphrodisiac. When placed under your bed, it can stimulate sexual desire and openness. Aventurine benefits the thymus gland, connective tissue and nervous system. It balances blood pressure. It stimulates metabolism, lowers cholesterol and prevents arteriosclerosis. Aventurine also aids you if you are recovering from a heart attack. It has an anti-inflammatory effect and can ease skin eruptions and allergies. Aventurine can ease migraine, headache and eye pain. It heals the adrenals, lungs, sinuses, heart and muscular system. Bathing with crystal water will relieve skin problems.
Orange Aventurine promotes blood formation, good blood circulation, warms up and revitalises numb parts of the body and fortifies the liver. Orange aventurine will aid you in conceiving a child and also enables you to have a gentle and joyful pregnancy.
​Orange aventurine supports creativity in all forms.
Orange Aventurine enables you to live your dreams.
Base 44: 5. 18. 27. 38.      Base 10: 3. 4. 5. 6.

Aventurine Red:
Aventurine can work to ease ailments of the cardiopulmonary system and stimulate the adrenal glands. Aventurine also can act as an aphrodisiac. When placed under your bed, it can stimulate sexual desire and openness. Aventurine benefits the thymus gland, connective tissue and nervous system. It balances blood pressure. It stimulates metabolism, lowers cholesterol and prevents arteriosclerosis. Aventurine also aids you if you are recovering from a heart attack. It has an anti-inflammatory effect and can ease skin eruptions and allergies. Aventurine can ease migraine, headache and eye pain. It heals the adrenals, lungs, sinuses, heart and muscular system. Bathing with crystal water will relieve skin problems.
Red aventurine is a strong blood strengthening stone. It can help stimulate red blood cell production in the bone marrow and can assist in regulating the blood in the body. It helps to balance autoimmune disorders and the immune system in general. It is supportive of the liver and is helpful in detoxification.
Base 44: 7. 18. 22. 27.      Base 10: 6. 6. 7. 9.

Strong Grounding Action Boosts Strength & Endurance.
Axinite are strong grounding stones, that bring energy up from Mother Gaia, via the earth chakra into the body. This energy increases your strength and endurance.
They have a lovely restorative energy, and are known to be strong aids to enable you to make changes in your life.
They help you to go with the flow of life, and to change what needs to be changed without opposing what is happening in your life.
They are helpful to heal your body, both physically and spiritually, and their healing properties are useful to help problems of the feet in particular.
Their metaphysical properties increase your appreciation of the spiritual realms, and they aid you to remember your experiences there on your return.
They are excellent stones for meditation as they help you to release thoughts that are hampering your progress.
There are a number of ways that Axinite stones will help you including:
These stones act as a general tonic to improve overall feelings of health and vitality.
This helps to boost your overall well-being, strength and vitality.
Axinite crystals have a specific vibration that aids your body to function better with increased strength and endurance.
Their healing action is known to aid the adrenal glands, the muscular system and the feet and legs.
To aid your physical healing, these stones bring extra earth energy into your body.
They help to channel power from the earth star chakra up to the base or root chakra. The outcome of this is a feeling of improved physical well-being.
From there Axinite aids this earth energy to move up into the entire body via the spine and the chakras.
These crystals also aid lucid dreaming, so keep a piece close to you at night to allow you to open up and experience lucid dreams for yourself.
They may also help you to remember the dreams you had.
When you use them at the third eye chakra, the vibration of these stones is quite strong.
It will assist meditation by helping to dismiss intrusive thoughts that are holding you back.
Base 44: 2. 3. 6. 7. 12.      Base 10: 1. 4. 5. 6. 6.

Azumar is a powerful stone in the realm of feeling. Its currents wash through the Liquid Crystal Body Matrix, bringing refreshment, joy and rejuvenation to every cell. It is a wonderful stone for healing and brightening the emotional body–effortlessly dissolving negative fixations within its peaceful waves of pleasure and power. It can aid in dispelling anger, envy, fear and stress, replacing them with serenity, enthusiasm, confidence and the feeling of being enveloped within an atmosphere of love. Azumar is recommended for conditions of the circulatory and nervous systems. The internal bodily resonance it engenders can help to implant the pattern of optimal well being into all bodily systems involving the flow of fluids or electro-chemical energies.
As Azumar does its work of transformation within the waters of our liquid crystal structures, dysfunctional patterns dissolve and we are filled with the joy that underlies all life. We are made clear, like a flowing spring, and this clarification of consciousness gives rise to untapped intuitive potentials. We can suddenly begin to develop clairvoyance, telepathic sensitivity, and the capacity for enhanced visionary awareness. Those who are readers of oracles may find their senses heightened and their ability to see future events increased. Those who are cannels or mediums will find that their attunement to Spirit is easier and deeper. And all of those who work with Azumar will experience its powerful influx of pleasure, power and joy. Under Azumar’s influence, one’s awareness can rise to the highest possible perspective, while still penetrating to the intimate depths of whatever is the focus of one’s attention. This is one of the most powerful stones I have encountered for personal evolution and the enhancement of consciousness.Azumar is a stone of insight and communication. It allows one to penetrate to the heart of matters, and it enhances one’s ability to eloquently express one’s deepest truth. It is a stone of compassion, engendering one’s innate capacity to understand and care for others. It is an Earth Spirit stone, allowing one to feel and harmonize with planetary consciousness. As a stone of the Water element, it facilitates empathic communication with sea life, especially the more highly evolved creatures such as whales and dolphins. It can be used by those who are near or on the sea to attract dolphins and whales by centering in one’s heart and calling to them, while asking the Being of Azumar to assist in the communication.
Base 44: 5. 13. 17. 28. 35.      Base 10: 3. 5. 7. 5. 8.

Azurite K2:
Azurite in Granite also know as K2
The ‘Stone of Indigo’, this stone holds very good qualities relating to the memory, communications and Indigo children.
Azurite can be used to increase the thought pattern, increase the memory, encourage photographic memory and heighten the telepathic sense.
This is also a good stone for those who need to be able to have a keen and strong eye, to be able to see the smallest of detail, Azurite increases this visual need very well.
For those who have an interest in the Indigo child, this is an excellent stone for Indigo’s to help balance the high telepathic sense, strengthen the photographic memory and encourage the high levels of energy to be used as needed.
Azurite can help communication in all forms and is good to be used by those who may have trouble with speech.
This stone works well with the Throat Chakra and the Third Eye Chakra and has an intense Indigo Aura.
Granite is associated with lending strength to your physical health and has also been said to help bring richness into your life whether it be financial, love life or general success. It is also considered a “guardian stone” that offers protection, which makes it an ideal gift for children or for people who have high-risk jobs, like military personnel. When granite is extracted from the ocean floor, it’s believed that the stone helps keep emotions calm, because it contains both elements of the ocean (which represents the emotions) and the grounding properties of earth. This, in turn, lets people feel happier and experience more balanced relationships in all areas of their life.
Base 44: 6. 13. 16. 24. 28.      Base 10: 5. 4. 6. 5. 8.

Azurite treats throat problem, arthritis and joint problems. It aligns the spine and works at a cellular level to restore any blockages or damage to the brain. This crystal heals and repairs the kidneys, gallbladder, liver, spleen, thyroid, bones, teeth, skin and aids detoxification. Azurite encourages the development of the embryo in the womb.
Azurite can help soothe migraines, lessen tinnitus and balance vertigo. Azurite will help you become a wise healer, amplifying your powers. It increases the flow of the life force, oxygenating the blood and repairing brain cells.
Base 44: 5. 15. 24. 36.      Base 10: 3. 5. 5. 9.

Azurite-malachite is a combination stone that helps all your body’s systems to work together. This stone also helps you be aware of the words you speak and how these words affect your health. This combination is also good for supporting healing in cases of problems with the teeth, gums, jaws, throat and neck. With its anti-inflammatory vibrations, this stone is useful for PMS, menopause, sprains, burns, arthritis, cellulitis, varicose veins and phlebitis. This is the perfect stone for gynecologists, doulas, obstetricians and vascular professionals.
Azurite-malachite helps you recognise heart felt love and furthermore, it helps you integrate the understanding of love into your consciousness so you can better heal emotional challenges. The gentle blending of the healing green energy of malachite combined with the cooling energy of azurite calms reactions brought on by hormonal imbalance. Azurite-malachite helps you connect with Archangel Camael to release anger, aggression and out of balance emotions.
The azurite-malachite combination links the love of the heart chakra with the thought process of the third eye and crown chakras to achieve great mental clarity with divine wisdom.
Azurite-malachite represents the physical blending of two copper carbonate minerals, which is symbolic of the symbiotic relationship between earthly existence and the entire cosmos. Use this stone as a conduit to channel the higher wisdom and knowledge of the universe while maintaining a grounded connection with the physical world.
Base 44: 8. 16. 22. 26.      Base 10: 4. 7. 4. 8.