Jaco Malan


Actinolite: Actinolite is a good crystal for you when travelling to different countries to help you to tune into the lifestyle and customs of the locals and the energies of the place. Actinolite strengthens the immune system, stimulates the kidney, liver and spleen function. It aids in the elimination of toxins from the body. ​Actinolite […]


Abalone: Abalone is said to enhance feelings of peace, compassion and love. It has a lovely warm, gentle vibration. It is great in times of tough emotional issues, soothing the nerves and encouraging a calm demeanour. Abalone is very useful when it comes to stimulating your psychic development. It will enhance your intuition and other […]

Lemurian seed crystals

Lemurian seed crystals: Lemurian seed crystals are a special variety of clear quartz. These stones display ladder like grooves crossing the body of the stone with a very clear interior. On many of these stones, there is a reddish pink tinge that is caused by a light, transparent coating of iron oxide. Lemurian seed crystals […]