Jaco Malan

Auto Potency – Remedy Maker

This project was put on hold so many times, I almost forgot about it. Then a few days back I build the first version, which is quite small but lack functionality but still it is a nice concept.

I then sat down and design and build what would become something that carry my stamp of approval (not that mean much), I had been working on the “Auto Potency” idea for over a year, but other building projects got me moving the idea around my work bench to many times.

The idea stem from the concept that your body know best, this go for remedies as well as potency, there are other companies that have a similar idea but it is out of my price range.

This setup makes it so easy to make a remedy from a sample or a card, and it also makes it versatile enough to expand into other working areas.

Balance the energy of humans, animals and plants, local or over a distance is a breeze.

This would ideally become the home pharmacy, a tool to attend to the families everyday aches and pains. No need to have a cupboard full of bottles, you can make anything when and if needed.

Areas where this would work well is;

  • Homeopathy
  • Tissue salts
  • Bach flower remedies
  • Flower essences
  •  Gems

And many more……

You can make a remedy in liquid form, or with a set of hand held’s doing a direct correction, or as a auto scan. You can connect a set of energy screens to it, or a blanket.

You can charge crystals or other objects with this system, the potential is endless.

I was so excited about this little gem that I jot down the basic idea, I will have to sit down and try and do a proper write-up on this.